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Operation Parindey review: A high profile race against time

A terrifying jailbreak in broad daylight, six high profile criminals on the run and the country on high alert. Sounds like the plot for every other action film. However, Zee5’s ‘Operation Parindey’ tells the story of an actual jailbreak which happened in Nabha, Punjab in 2016 and manages to stand its ground.


The film opens with three cars speeding towards Nabha’s state prison on a Sunday morning. The men driving them are police officers transporting a prisoner, or so it seems. They enter the secure premises and open fire on the authorities revealing themselves to be impostors.

These goons help six very dangerous people escape, one of whom is a terrorist, Monty Singh (Rahul Dev). Also known as babaji by many, Singh is the mastermind behind the escape and has plans to deliver a major hit to India via a catastrophic terror attack.

Enter a Special Task Force (STF) led by officer Abhinav Mathur (Amit Sadh) who is responsible for apprehending these dangerous criminals before they can hurt the country and disappear. As Mathur begins his investigation, Singh plays his cards and the race against time begins.


Rahul Dev is delightful to watch. He can add Monty Singh to the list of amazing negative characters he is so famous for playing in Bollywood. There is a raw and effortless fierceness he brings to this part and sends chills down the spine with his expressions.

Amit Sadh too does justice to his role. He plays Abhinav Mathur with conviction and shows the sense of urgency the character demands. He’s a clever guy and leaves no stone unturned to outsmart the criminals.

Aakash Dahiya as Monty Singh’s right hand man Pabbi stands out as well. However, Amit Gaur and Kunal Kumar as members of Mathur’s STF do not have much to do to make an impact.


The best part about ‘Operation Parindey’ is its narrative, pacing and run-time. The film is just 54 minutes long and absolutely does not stray away from the matter at hand.

It is often said that films based on true events take cinematic liberties in order to be more commercial for the masses. However, it is the complete opposite here. The crux of the story is never lost and the characters do not deviate from what they set out to do.

It keeps you hooked and before you know it, the credits roll. Kudos to the writers and editors. Director Sanjay Gadhvi (Dhoom & Dhoom 2) does not disappoint with his digital debut.


Where this film falters is in its action sequence at the beginning. The jailbreak, which is the highlight of this story is not as polished as one would like to see in a good action film.

You would not expect The Matrix from such a raw and real story but awkward body movements and the police blatantly missing open targets is a let down.

Furthermore, the Punjab Police personnel have very generic dialogues and give a sub-par performance while delivering them.

Worth it?

Operation Parindey is a good film with some brilliant moments. It feels authentic to its source material and showcases one of India’s most controversial jailbreaks and its aftermath. Despite a few shortcomings, it does not disappoint overall.

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