Onmyoji (2023) review: A wonderful and profound story about friendship

Onmyoji (2023) follows Minamoto Hiromasa and Abe Seimei as they tackle various demonic and supernatural threats in the capital of Heian Kyo. The series is streaming on Netflix.


When demonic troubles plague the capital of Heian-kyo, Minamoto Hiromasa seeks the aid of talented onmyoji, Abe Seimei. Seimei is a bit of a lone soul and prefers his solitude while Hiromasa is more social.

Together, they exorcise demons and dive deep into the mysteries that plague these wandering spirits while also developing a strong bond with each other.

That bond is tested when both are placed at death’s door as each of them is willing to make a great sacrifice for the safety of their companion.


The animation is vivid and mesmerizing. The art style is very soft and pleasing to the eye while also remaining mysterious and horrific when the occasion calls for it.

The theme of friendship is explored wonderfully in this narrative, with two contrasting personalities coming together to learn and grow through their shared experiences.

The duo solves different cases in most episodes but they are all weaved together brilliantly to create a flowing story. The supporting characters are able additions and the mystery is maintained well.


There aren’t a lot of aspects of the series that stand out and the narrative is quite simple. The pacing is a bit slow and the number of episodes adds to the stretch.

The Japanese folklore aspect is depicted in a casual manner and general viewers might not even realize the significance of many of the inspirations.


Onmyoji (2023) is a decent anime series with a strong, yet sometimes predictable narrative with friendship as the main focus. The animation isn’t groundbreaking but it has enough quality to provide an enjoyable watch.

Onmyoji (2023) review: A wonderful and profound story about friendship 1

Director: Soubi Yamamoto

Date Created: 2023-11-28 13:30

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