Oni: Thunder God’s Tale review: A heartfelt and intriguing tale

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale follows the story of Onari as she struggles to protect her village from the evil Oni, unaware of the fact that she is not who she thinks she is. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Onari, the daughter of a spirit named Naridon, plans to be the hero of her village by saving them from an evil entity called the Oni.

Sensei Tengu starts preparing Onari, her friend, Kappa, and all the children for the forthcoming Demon Moon, the night the Oni will walk across the bridge to their village on Mount Kamigami.

In order to make sure they are ready to fight alongside the village, the children need to learn how to use the Kushi they possess, passed on to them by their parents and ancestors.

While each and every kid is able to use some amount of it, Onari struggles. Though she finds out that her father is a thunder god, she fails to harness the power he does.

Naridon’s brother, Putaro, intends to help her achieve that so that she can replace his brother as the thunder god. Eventually, the pursuit of getting a hold of her Kushi leads Onari to discover dark secrets about her family and who Oni really are.


The stop-motion-looking animation is quite realistic. The animators have taken care of the smaller, intricate details.

The show carries the mystery element till the very end and has held it strongly. Let it be why Naridon avoids telling Onari the truth about her powers, or how the Oni look, or what they really are.

These questions continue to keep you hooked till the very end due to the way the show slowly answers them.

It brilliantly uses beliefs and different perspectives to tell the story without having a proper antagonist.

The relationship between Onari and her father, Naridon, is heartwarming and captivating to watch. Kappa is another character who is bound to be a fan favorite as he acknowledges his anxiety and still does the right thing.

Mr. Tengu is an unexpectedly funny character, leaving you with a giggle at the most random moments.

The show also highlights real-life problems and sensitive topics in the best possible way for the target audience.


Onari, as a character, comes up with the same old underdog tale where she is left behind because she is not a Kami and eventually discovers she belongs to a completely different world.


Oni: Thunder God’s Tale has almost everything that is required for a good children’s story. From heartwarming relationships to lessons to learn, the show is bound to be memorable for the children of this generation.

Oni Thunder God's Tale
Oni: Thunder God's Tale review: A heartfelt and intriguing tale 1

Director: Daisuke 'Dice' Tsutsumi

Date Created: 2022-10-21 12:30

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