Old Dads review: Bill Burr film is dull and underwhelming

In Old Dads, three middle-aged men struggle to navigate the modern world after they sell their jersey-manufacturing company to millennials. The comedy film is now streaming on Netflix.


Jack (Bill Burr) and his best friends, Connor (Bobby Cannavale) and Mike (Bokeem Woodbine), sell their 23-year-old company, Trifecta Classics, which makes high-end throwback jerseys.

The millennials who acquire it quickly change everything. They convert it into an apparel brand and fire everyone born after 1988, except the three co-founders.

With half of the company now fired, the three find themselves struggling to cope with the mindset of the newer generations.

This leads to issues in their personal lives as well, with all three facing their own hurdles. Will they overcome them and come to terms with the modern day?


Old Dads offers very limited opportunities for any actor to impress. All three actors are adequate in their respective roles.


The film has some moments of humour but these come too far and few in between. The narrative isn’t stretched and somewhat accomplishes what the premise promises.


The humour feels quite forced through most of the film. The characters’ reactions are often over the top and inauthentic.

Jack’s character, in particular, seems to scream at shout to make any point. While the film tries to pass this off as anger management, it just feels like a failed attempt to bring out his frustration.

The plot point of the three dads struggling to adjust to the modern world could have been executed in a much better way.

The younger generation is portrayed in a caricature-ish manner and that makes it extremely hard to understand any point the film is trying to make.

The conclusion is rushed and the characters do not undergo any growth. Everything happens in a snap and not through any genuine experience.


Old Dads is an underwhelming attempt at creating a film where the older generation comes against the younger one in a humorous manner.

Instead, it’s hard to tell what the film is trying to say. It actually just feels like an attack against the youngsters and today’s culture in some instances.

Old Dads
Old Dads review: Bill Burr film is dull and underwhelming 1

Director: Bill Burr

Date Created: 2023-10-20 17:07

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