Oddballs season 2 review: Adorable, fun, comforting binge

Oddballs season 2 follows James, Max, and Echo as they embark on several new adventures that stem out of James’s eccentricity and contentions with anything and everything.


Oddballs season 2 opens with James’s persistent effort to win a bet against Echo, which he ends up losing. A new day and a new adventure see James mess up an assignment until he gets it right, before teaming up with Max and others to compel Mr. McFly to make good on his pizza party promise.

James’s tiff with the school bus and the in-bus decorum leaves him preferring a walk back home instead until he spots a golf cart and makes it his new drive. Initially a contributor to his newfound popularity, the golf cart becomes a bane for James when the carpooling renders his experience the same as in the bus.

When Stuart calls James for a fight after school, the latter has to resort to Echo’s body swap tech to take on his enemy. However, the effort fails and he, along with Max, gets beaten by another, new enemy.

James’s contention with the teacher’s confiscation of candies that students bring ends up making him go the sneaky and daring route and steal all the candies back. However, he inadvertently dons a new identity that fools Principal Loudspeaker, who mistakes him for the new substitute teacher.

A new misadventure involves James creating a fake treasure story that fools all the town, just so he can make up for the work he never did for his oral report, failing which can drive him away from Max.

Up next on the adventure is resuming the fireworks festival, and James learns that the mayor, who canceled it this year, is a cute puppy. James then manages to get Max elected as the new Mayor, but the cute puppy is back with vengeance.

The finale of Oddballs season 2 sees Toasty return, with a new name and a new body, and a whole lot of resentment for James and Max. He ends up coming around and making things right with them, but only after it’s too late, as Max’s error makes him explode.


The second season of Oddballs is just as great as its predecessor when it comes to the voice work by the cast. Rallison leads with the bubbly James, lending his familiar voice to his popular character with a lot of panache.

Julian Gant is a riot with his performance as the voice of the gentle giant Max; Kimberly, even when Echo’s not as animated or eccentric as her contemporaries, is a lot of fun; Gary Anthony Williams seems to be having the most fun as the canny, competitive, and occasionally prudent Mr. McFly.


Oddballs season 2 is a ride with a lot of highs and rare lows, with the comforting breeze-like charm pervading all its episodes.

The anthological tale of James, Max, and Echo’s adventures continues to be a lot of fun, as the lessons they learn from their erroneous ways range from unimportant to valuable.

The highly detailed freeze frames make for some of the funniest moments in the show, along with the other quirky slapstick gags that contribute most to the hilarity.


There’s certainly a lot left to be desired from the canonical continuity in the show, even when the episodic nature of the cartoon is no detriment to its quality.

Unlike the 12-episode run of the first season, the sophomore installment runs for only eight, and when it comes to Oddballs, the more is always the merrier.


Oddballs season 2 is a riot and a blast, of squiggly faces, contorted expressions, silly conflicts, and goofy adventures, all while the light-natured hilarity makes for a truly warm binging experience.

Oddballs season 2
Oddballs season 2 review: Adorable, fun, comforting binge 1

Director: Annisa Adjani, Jouchelle Miranda, Chelsea Ker

Date Created: 2023-02-24 13:30

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