My Fault review: Underwhelming erotic thriller

My Fault focuses on Noah, a young woman who moves into a mansion with her mother, Rafaella, and her new billionaire husband. Amid this change, she finds herself navigating a potential conflict-fueled romance with her stepbrother Nick. It is based on the eponymous best-selling novel by Argentine writer, Mercedes Ron.


My Fault opens with Noah having to leave her town, boyfriend, and friends to move in with her mother, Rafaella, and her new billionaire husband, William Leister.

Noah arrives at her lavish new home and isn’t too swayed by the lifestyle, finding it overly pretentious. Finally, she meets William’s son, Nick and they don’t get off on the right foot. 

He is quite proud and arrogant and isn’t pleased about having Noah in the house. However, he is attracted to her rebellious demeanor. We soon discover Noah’s childhood trauma, and Nick’s rebellious antics, and the two start falling for each other.

Meanwhile, Noah starts getting threats after a tussle with a criminal during a street race and a darkness from her past shows up again.


Gabriel Guevara and Anastasia Russo play the leading pair of step-siblings who fall in love. Their characters share steamy chemistry but the film they’re in doesn’t do it justice.

As individuals, Guevara and Russo are typical romantic thriller archetypes; The hot and mysterious guy alongside a beautiful girl with a troubled past. Their performances are highly ordinary, mostly owing to the source material, and don’t add much to the experience.

Fortunately, they are likable and carry this uninspired film to the finish line.


My Fault doesn’t have much to offer on the positive side of things. The leading pair and their chemistry on screen are possibly one of the only great things about the film.

The moment they share their first scene, the fireworks are evident. Their journey is fun to witness, no matter how ridiculous it is, and cheering for their relationship is almost like indulging in a guilty pleasure.

Watching them make love is bound to stir some confusing feelings.


Unfortunately, this is where the fun stops and the head-scratching begins. The premise of forbidden love is problematic but not distracting. You can easily choose to ignore it and still find plenty wrong with My Fault.

The source novel may be extremely popular, but the adaptation doesn’t do right by it.

The writing is lazy, and full of cliches and plot holes. The film doesn’t want to be confined to a singular realm of genres and delves into action, street racing, underground fist fights, childhood trauma, and crime without so much as a hint.

The romantic angle is forbidden, lusty and steamy, yet full of taboo cringe that will make a lot of people uncomfortable. Noah being 17 years old and asking her stepbrother to kiss her till she’s 18, are some of the most problematic pieces of writing in recent times.


The film won’t make much sense to the audience except to avid fans of the books. There are too many overused tropes and uninspired narrative choices that make My Fault not worth the watch.

My Fault
My Fault review: Underwhelming erotic thriller 1

Director: Domingo González

Date Created: 2023-06-10 16:18

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