Mask Girl review: Over-the-top drama gets a few things right

Mask Girl follows Kim Mo-mi, a girl who adopts the persona of Mask Girl on the internet. The events that follow turn her life upside down. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


When Kim Mo-mi was young, she dreamt of being a celebrity. However, people around her never failed to make her believe that she is unattractive, and Mo-mi ended up getting a regular office job. 

At the same time, Mo-mi refuses to give up on her dreams of performing for people and receiving applause, so she becomes an internet personality called Mask Girl. After work, she wears a mask and live streams her performances for her fans.

One day, Mo-mi finds out that her boss, whom she likes, is having an affair with a colleague. A heartbroken Mo-mi gets drunk and takes off her clothes while performing as Mask Girl, which leads to her account getting suspended.

However, this is not the end of Mask Girl, as someone at the office knows Mo-mi’s secret. Furthermore, Mo-mi decides to meet one of Mask Girl’s fans, and the meeting changes Mo-mi’s life in a way that she had never imagined.


Three actors play the role of Kim Mo-mi, but three of them have something different to offer. It is not just Mo-mi’s face that changes. Her personality also changes as the plot progresses, and the three actors bring out the changes in her personality.

Lee Han-Byeol portrays Mo-mi as an insecure woman, whereas NANA’s Mo-mi is a confident woman who has been through a lot and is not afraid to fight. Finally, Ko Hyun-jung’s portrayal of an older Mo-mi, who is much calmer, is truly praiseworthy.

While Ko Hyun-jung shines as Mo-mi, Yeom Hye-ran impresses as Kyung-ja, an antagonist through and through. The other members of the cast in the roles of Mi-mo, Oh-nam Ju, and Chun-ae also give satisfying performances.


The show highlights the pressure that people face when they fail to keep up with the conventional beauty standards of society. As their face and bodies define their value, they become invisible beings who are not worthy of anyone’s time and attention. 

Furthermore, it also highlights how women need to look a certain way to be taken seriously or to be respected by men. In the show, even their complaints of sexual harassment are dismissed when they are not considered worthy of male attention.

At the same time, the show refuses to depict its female characters as victims without power. They subvert the power dynamic and reclaim their autonomy. This is most evident in Mo-mi’s case; she does not let Oh-nam Ju do as he pleases with her body and takes the power in her hands.

The show constantly makes the audience question what is right and what is wrong as the protagonist is forced to make questionable choices. Additionally, there is the failure of the law. As a judge is heard talking about fair punishment, the audience is made aware that the sentence is anything but fair.

Lastly, Mask Girl seems to point towards the fact that people are more real when they are wearing masks or sitting behind their computer screens. In this world, the lack of a mask means a lack of authenticity. 


For the most part, the first two episodes of the show are too slow and dull to get the audience invested. There are twists and turns later on, but they might come a little too late for the audience.

While the show does have scenes that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats, there are other aspects that make it hard for the audience to take the show seriously. It seems over the top when every other person gets plastic surgery and changes completely. 

Even if the audience suspends their disbelief and accepts everything that the show tells them, the fact that characters come back to life after being presumed dead makes the plot ridiculous and takes the thrill out of it.


Mask Girl could have been a good show if not for certain plot devices that make everything seem far-fetched. If the audience manages to disregard logic, they will like the show.

Mask Girl
Mask Girl review: Over-the-top drama gets a few things right 1

Director: Kim Yong-hoon

Date Created: 2023-08-18 12:30

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