Locked In review: Intense character dynamics save this slow erotic thriller

In Locked In, Lina’s attempts to escape the very family that welcomed her with open arms kick off a series of events that involve infidelity and murder. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Lina’s adopted mother and mother-in-law, Katherine Carter, is in a coma since an accident. Her condition is being described as locked-in syndrome.

In this condition, the only possible way a person can communicate is by blinking or moving their eye. However, Katherine is doing neither.

Katherine’s neuroclinical nurse, Nicky Mackenzie, isn’t giving up on her. While she treats Katherine, she gets to know more about her patient from Lina.

Lina was welcomed into Katherine’s family thirteen years ago, after her mother’s death. Lina was determined to preserve this new family of hers.

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However, certain events triggered jealousy, infidelity, and a lot more. That brings the story to the day Katherine got into this accident, which gave her this locked-in syndrome.


The cast of Locked In shows great chemistry with each other that reeks of rivalry, resentment, and hate that their characters have for each other. Even the love portrayed in the film doesn’t hit the right emotion, and there are always doubts about it, thanks to the cast’s performance.

Famke Janssen is teased as an important main lead. Unfortunately, for most of the film, she is in the background. Hence, viewers don’t get to see much of her.

Meanwhile, Rose Williams, as Lina, successfully takes charge as the lead character around whom the story revolves. She brilliantly portrays how Lina is committing crimes and still acting as if she is a good person. She also shares the required chemistry with Finn Cole, who plays Jamie, and Alex Hassell, who plays Dr. Robert Lawrence.


Locked In brings an engaging saga that heavily relies on the intense relationship that the characters in the film share with each other. There is a sense of hostility all the time, and one keeps guessing how a character is going to behave with the other.

The film primarily runs with the most obvious events taking place one after the other. Thanks to great writing and performances, a viewer will still be hooked.

The twists added at the end manage to surprise the viewer and remind them why they shouldn’t have forgotten the cunning and envious nature of some of these characters in the film.


Locked In is an extremely slow-paced drama despite being short. There are long gaps, and some pivotal moments fail to fill a viewer with excitement for what is next. Hence, even with a solid plot, some viewers may opt for breaks, as the film takes ages to move forward to the next scene.


The chemistry the cast of Locked In share with each other becomes a saving grace for this otherwise dull thriller. It promises to keep the viewers hooked, but the snail’s pace is something the viewers have to accept to enjoy it.

Locked In
Locked In review: Intense character dynamics save this slow erotic thriller 1

Director: Nour Wazzi

Date Created: 2023-11-01 12:30

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