Leo review: Adam Sandler’s animated comedy is inconsistent yet delightful

Leo is an animated coming-of-age musical comedy film led by Adam Sandler. He voices the main character, Leo, a senior lizard who has lived over seven decades as a class pet. As he decides to escape before he bites the dust, Leo starts interacting with students to solve their problems, leading to hilarious consequences.


The film centers on its main character, a lizard named Leo, who starts to seek new experiences as he approaches the end of his lifespan.

Residing in a terrarium in a fifth-grade Florida classroom, his life changes drastically when he finds out he can speak to humans — a secret he initially shares with a student.

This discovery triggers a chain of events where the lizard assists several students with their struggles. In doing so, Leo discovers a renewed sense of purpose in aiding these young individuals to deal with life’s complexities.

The plot thus explores the inevitability of death, the significance of leaving a legacy, and the value of forming meaningful relationships.

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Adam Sandler, celebrated for his diverse acting skills and notable contributions to animations like Hotel Transylvania, provides the voice for the character of Leo.

His portrayal infuses both wit and substance into the role. Accompanying him is Bill Burr, who voices Squirtle the Turtle, Leo’s closest companion, enhancing the film’s overall appeal.

Cecily Strong steps into the role of Mrs. Malkin, the substitute teacher, adding depth to the narrative.

The cast’s performances, particularly Sandler’s, are crucial in conveying the movie’s themes, striking a balance between its lighter moments and the deeper, more significant aspects of the storyline.


A significant highlight of Leo is how it masterfully combines endearing charm with subtle humor, while also weaving in poignant messages. It skilfully entertains a young audience while simultaneously providing valuable insights for adult viewers.

The film’s animation style and character design are noteworthy, enhancing its visual charm. Although the story isn’t revolutionary, it stands out due to its straightforward and relatable narrative.

Additionally, the film features original music that, while not particularly standout, adds to the overall allure of the film, drawing the audience deeper into Leo’s adventure.


However, Leo occasionally struggles to harmonize its quirky humor with its moral lessons, resulting in uneven moments.

The musical component, while central to the story, lacks memorable tunes. The film’s handling of complex themes can sometimes seem too simplistic, potentially reducing its depth for more critical audiences.


Overall, Leo is a delightful and family-friendly film that skillfully blends humor, emotion, and life lessons. It is an enjoyable and meaningful experience, especially for those who appreciate a mix of humor and heartfelt storytelling.

Leo review: Adam Sandler's animated comedy is inconsistent yet delightful 1

Director: Robert Marianetti, Robert Smigel and David Wachtenheim

Date Created: 2023-11-21 11:10

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