Last Chance U Basketball season 2 review: A riveting journey of the underdogs

The second season of ‘Last Chance U Basketball’ follows the journey of John Mosley’s team, as the players overcome their personal challenges to be at the top of their game. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


In August 2021, Mosley returns to East Los Angeles College after the pandemic to train his team and help his players reach their full potential.

While dealing with their personal issues, the players focus on the game to escape their harsh reality, and to make a name for themselves.

Their aim is to play better, to be better, and to receive a Division I or Division II scholarship for the sake of their future as well as for their families.

There is Shemar Morrow who was adopted by another family when his mother thought he would have a better life with them. He often has to find a place to sleep, and he barely ever gets to see his mother and his sister.

Demetrius Calip II, also known as DC, is a son of an NBA player, and he is bent on following in his father’s footsteps. He is charming but stubborn, and he has a hard time finding common ground with the coach. 

Bryan Penn-Johnson is a seven-foot player, who has faced several difficulties in life, including living in a homeless shelter. He wants to make his family proud, so he grows into a reliable player over time.

Damani Whitlock has a heart problem in the beginning, but he makes a stellar comeback. His life has not been easy, and that shows in his game. According to Mosley, he is the perfect player.

As a teen father, Dezmond Washington had to grow up faster than other students around him. While he wants to give basketball his all, he has to prioritize his family. 

Josh Phillips, an autistic player, shows immense talent on the court. While there are times when he can get extremely frustrated, he tries to be as consistent as possible.

These community college students play this game because they have hopes and dreams. They have been deprived and desperate their entire lives; their coach wants to use that to make them perform on the court and reach the State Championship Tournament. 

The docuseries is an account of the players harnessing their emotions to play to the best of their abilities, making sacrifices, and giving all that they have to win every single game despite a lack of resources.


The docuseries depicts the lives of the players who face hardships not just on the court but off the court as well. It shows how their personal lives impact their mental state, which in turn affects their physical performance; it portrays the impossibility of separating one from the other.

The audience gets to see that there is more to the game than simply winning and losing. The series accurately depicts the sweat and pain required to be a good player and how effort and talent are not always enough to win.

The docuseries outlines the frustration of the players on the bench when they are not given a chance to prove themselves and the desolation when they lose despite fighting till the end. The audience can almost feel it.

In just a few episodes, the series manages to get the viewers deeply invested in the journey of these players by paying close attention to their personal growth as well as their growth as a team.

It makes them root for the team, and, at times, it keeps them on the edge of their seats in anticipation. The music further helps in getting them entirely engrossed.

Additionally, the audience gets to see the difficulties that a coach faces in bringing together different players and making a family out of them. He has to find a balance between being hard on them and showing them that he cares.

The docuseries also discusses issues like racism; various people talk about how African-American boys have to live in fear even when they are young and how it ends up becoming a part of their everyday life.


There are times when certain actions seem exaggerated; they seem too performative and scripted for a docuseries.

It tries to document the struggles of almost every individual in detail, which makes it seem dragged at times. It certainly has its low moments, where the viewers might lose interest.


This season of ‘Last Chance U Basketball’ should be on the watchlist of every basketball fan. Even those who are not fans of basketball will find themselves smiling and laughing with the players.

It is a sports docuseries that is engaging, and uplifting; it makes a sincere effort to give hope to the viewers.

Last Chance U Basketball season 2
Last Chance U Basketball season 2 review: A riveting journey of the underdogs 1

Director: Greg Whiteley, Adam Leibowitz, Daniel George McDonald

Date Created: 2022-12-13 23:10

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