Kleo review: Eccentric, thrilling and visually immersive watch

Kleo is an action thriller series that follows an ex East German spy on her quest for revenge as she gets out of prison in light of the German reunification. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Kleo, both the protagonist and the show as a whole, is an eccentric rendition of the usual crime thriller genre.

The series follows Kleo, a former East German spy, out for revenge as she gets out of prison early because of the fall of the Berlin wall.

The narrative is tongue-in-cheek, unconventional and unpredictable, with a sound socio-political background that adds to the intricacies in the plot.

After being vilified and put behind bars by her own grandfather and organisation, Kleo heads out to seek answers and revenge and finds herself on a path tracking down a mysterious red suitcase.

She also encounters Sven, a man who was investigating her whereabouts, and the two form an unlikely duo as they join together for this journey.

With plenty of assassinations, chase downs and storyline strife with unexpected twists and turns, Kleo makes for an interesting watch from start to finish.


Jella Haase provides a stellar performance as Kleo. She is intriguing, but also very easy to watch on screen as she portrays the eccentricities of her anti-hero character. Her on-screen presence is captivating, and each scene draws viewers in. Her expressions and actions are engaging, without ever feeling overdone.

Julius Feldmeier as Thilo and Dimitrij Schaad as Sven also provide noteworthy performances, adding just the right amount of comic relief and action to the narrative.

The rest of the cast also comes together beautifully as a whole to accurately portray the dynamics and socio-cultural nuances of that time in this revenge thriller.


The overall settings and plot of the film take it away from the common territory into one a bit more enjoyable and unpredictable. It is a well-written script that creates the ideal atmosphere for situations and for each character to shine through. 

The stylistic and production aspects of the series are commendable too. From costume design to colouring, every scene is like a top-notch visual treat that makes the viewing experience much more immersive.

The setting of the show and aspects of the 80s-90s production design are quite well done too. The loud colours with the subdued cinematic style create an ideal combination on screen.

Jella Haase completely steals the show as Kleo, and her performance is one of the main contributing factors to making the series a good watch.


The show at times does have predictable twists and generic spy thriller tropes, but they are still presented in a unique way that does not take away from the viewing experience.

The ending leaves a few loose and unsatisfactory ends, which one can only hope would be cleared up and built upon in further seasons.


Kleo is an engaging watch, and the pace is just right for a revenge thriller. It is exciting without any lags and the visual performances create a strong highlight.

Kleo review: Eccentric, thrilling and visually immersive watch 1

Director: Viviane Andereggen and Jano Ben Chaabane

Date Created: 2022-08-19 18:42

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