Killer Sally review: Insightful look into physical abuse

Killer Sally follows the events that led bodybuilder Sally McNeil to kill her own husband and whether this was an act of self-defense or not. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.


Sally McNeil, her friends, her family, and the lawyers sit down to talk about the events that led to the death of her husband, Ray McNeil.

Sally met Ray, during her time in the Marines back in 1987, when she began bodybuilding as a hobby.

The couple got married after two months of dating. Ray’s dreams of becoming Mr. Olympia pushed him toward the dark nature of the bodybuilding industry.

He began using steroids, and soon his marriage with Sally started falling apart.

Sally believed that he wanted her to give up her dream so that she can support him. She loved him a lot, and therefore, she became the bread earner of the family.

While Sally earned enough money by acting in wrestling videos, Ray failed to win the title of Mr. Olympia. Apart from that, he also had his own personal demons to face.

The gentle giant physically abused Sally for years. It got to a point where Sally went to her bedroom to retrieve her shotgun and shoot Ray on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

While some turned up to support Sally, some painted her as a killer rather than a battered woman.


The show is more like a commentary on physical abuse and highlights how scary and terrifying it could be. The police camera footage featuring the interviews of Sally and her kids helps a lot to understand the situation.

Before the tragedy strikes, the documentary spends a good amount of time telling Sally and Ray’s story full of dreams. Especially on Sally’s part, it’s quite encouraging to see women break norms.

The show also dives deep into the bodybuilding industry and how it works. It details how it became popular, the biggest show in this industry, and why the women didn’t attract many viewers.

The documentary comes to a fitting and emotional end. Thus, the story of Sally is quite satisfying for the viewer.


The part of the show that explores Sally’s childhood and her past seems to have been placed at the wrong time. It’s introduced when the case begins, and it should’ve been somewhere in the beginning.

Though the show tries hard to be neutral, it fails as the viewers may easily find themselves supporting Sally.


Killer Sally, at the end of the day, not only details the abuse Sally went through but also presents the cons of the bodybuilding industry. Thus, the docuseries is insightful and educational at the same time.

Killer Sally
Killer Sally review: Insightful look into physical abuse 1

Director: Nanette Burstein

Date Created: 2022-11-02 12:30

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