Kelce review: Lovely film elevated by real-world circumstances

Kelce is a sports documentary that chronicles the 2022 NFL season of Jason Kelce, the offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles. The film is streaming on Prime Video.


Jason Kelce has been playing in the NFL for 11 seasons by the time the 2022 season rolls around, and as one of the “elder statesmen” in the time, his body is starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Jason already achieved the dream of winning the Superbowl in 2017 but he still had the desire to play and possibly go for it again. His younger brother, Travis, also experienced the joy of winning the Superbowl in 2020, and both looked forward to the season ahead.

Jason had a whirlwind season as he was expecting his third child with his wife Kylie, recorded a Christmas album with his teammates, and got the opportunity to play in the Superbowl against his brother Travis in a history-making moment.

Given everything that he’s gone through in seasons past and facing heartbreak in the championship, Jason had an important decision to make about whether he was returning for a 13th season, and whether his body could take it all over again.

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Jason’s entire family comes off as wonderful and charming in the documentary, with his wife and children shining on screen despite how tough it must be to be natural in front of a camera. Jason has a charming and likable personality as well.

There was no way to predict how the season would go and yet, they got the best-case scenario as Jason and Travis’ teams faced off in the Superbowl. While Jason’s loss took off some of the sheen, it still made for a great journey.

The film focused on Jason Kelce the man, and didn’t go too deep into the sports aspect of his life. It’s an everyman story of a professional football player that is pleasing to watch.


There should have been a little more in-depth coverage of his life and his journey. Maybe a look at his career in the NFL until then would have been interesting information, or his ventures outside of the sport too.


Kelce had the good fortune of covering Jason Kelce during a monumental year for his professional and private life and that’s what makes the documentary interesting. The outpouring of emotion and the beautiful journey he went through will certainly melt viewers’ hearts.

Kelce review: Lovely film elevated by real-world circumstances 1

Director: Don Argott

Date Created: 2023-09-12 00:00

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