Good Morning, Veronica season 2 review: Brilliant cast elevates series that highlights abuse

The second season of Good Morning, Veronica revolves around Veronica’s crusade to bring the corrupt Mafia into the light and expose them for their crimes. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


Veronica faked her death and is now investigating the mafia that spreads its influence by grooming children and then helping them infiltrate positions of high power.

This mafia is the reason Veronica’s father is in a fugue state and she will stop at nothing to expose them.

Matias Carneiros is a missionary who has gained a massive following because of his healing qualities. He is also the leader of the mafia and uses his position to abuse the many women who come to him for treatment.

Veronica has support throughout her mission but Matias always seems to have the upper hand until his daughter finally stands up for herself against all the abuse that she and her mother have faced.

Veronica finally manages to take Matias down but is she able to take down the entire mafia with him?


This season is littered with brilliant performances by many of the cast members. The story focuses on a very serious issue and the actors perform their roles to perfection.

Tainá Müller puts in another sturdy performance in the lead role as her character showcases her determination and drive to bring the villains down and get justice for the victims.

Reynaldo Gianecchini is absolutely vicious in his role as the sociopathic abuser who truly believes that he has a gift for healing through sexual abuse. The way he controls his wife and daughter is really chilling to watch.

Klara Castanho is brilliant as the young Angela. Her performance belies her young age as she captures the aura and mannerisms of someone who has been psychologically manipulated without truly realising it.

Many other supporting cast members do their job well and make the season what it is.


Just like the previous season, the audience gets a proper look at how anyone can face psychological abuse from a controlling individual no matter how normal things look from the outside. It should open the eyes of the audience to the truth.

The cinematography of the series is very impactful and the way certain scenes are framed adds to the intensity of the moment.

The director deserves a lot of credit for bringing out the best from his cast. He has helped each character understand their motivations and perform to the highest calibre.

The concept of the series is an interesting one and has been adapted well from the novel. With such great roots, the result certainly does justice to its inspiration.


The decision to make Veronica this lone wolf that rushes into things head-on with blinders is a little tiring. There are times when her approach comes off as downright unprofessional.

There are some issues with the pacing of the episodes. Some moments drag on for longer than they need to, making for a drawn-out story.


Good Morning, Veronica is a series that focuses on some hard-hitting issues and season 2 is no different. Aided by some wonderful performances, this season continues the story in a satisfactory direction although not without a few minor missteps.

Rating: 3.5/5

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