Good Morning, Veronica season 2 ending explained: Does Veronica take down the Mafia?

Season 2 of Good Morning, Veronica focuses on Veronica’s attempts to take down the Mafia that has spread its corrupt roots into every corner of Sao Paulo. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Veronica has been investigating the mafia ever since she faked her death at the end of the first season. She finds herself at an exchange where she catches a glimpse of the boss but doesn’t get a clear picture.

She’s spotted and is forced to make a quick getaway. She meets with Prata afterwards and shares everything that she’s discovered so far. He asks her to quit her crusade and go back to her family that misses her but she’s insistent on finishing this.

Matias is a famous missionary who is being interviewed along with his wife, Gisele, and daughter, Angela. He talks about his humble roots and how his family are his support in the gracious work that he does.

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Veronica gets close to one of the members of the mafia and tries to blackmail him into revealing the name of his boss and all she gets is the name ‘Doum’

Anita gets Nelson to go over camera footage to find out who was at the exchange so he gives her an address. After she leaves, he realises that it is Veronica

Veronica just manages to escape from Anita and the police after getting some help from Nelson. Anita gets suspicious and begins investigating some old leads to find out who’s after the mafia.

A woman is living with Matias and his family. She appears to be struggling with an illness that gives her headaches. One night when Angela returns home after sneaking out, she sees the woman sitting by herself, crying and without any clothes.

Anita gets a message alerting her that her father is in danger. She rushes there and walks into a trap set by Carlos Alberto who takes her and her father to a remote location.

He tries to question her about what she knows and kills her father but she gets the upper hand and kills him. Matias leads a service at church where people sing his praises and it is revealed that he’s the true leader of the Mafia.

Veronica learns of Matias and begins investigating him. Meanwhile, Matias brings another woman into his house who is sick with the promise that he will cure her.

Veronica digs deeper into Matias and his church and learns that it is the new location of the orphanage that grooms children for their organization. She even tries to reach out to Angela when she sneaks out again to meet her friend Carol.

Matias’ method to cure his followers is by sexually abusing them while his wife watches. He has a history of this but was cleared of all charges because of his connections.

Anita gets closer and closer to the truth about Veronica and Nelson ends up being the next casualty for helping her. She becomes even more determined and finds someone on the force with a similar grudge against Matias, Chief Gloria.

Angela begins to doubt her father’s sincerity and expresses it constantly but is promptly shut down. Gloria agrees to help Veronica out after hearing her story.

Veronica decides to go undercover as the next woman who is brought into Matias’s house. With some help from Angela, she succeeds in gathering evidence that Matias is involved in trafficking the children from the orphanage.

Anita finally uncovers the truth and informs Matias about Veronica. He lays his hands on her but Gloria arrives just in time to save her. Veronica can finally reveal that she’s alive to her family but she has to stay away because they’re fighting Matias in the open now.

Angela is torn between the truth and supporting her father because of everything that has been coming out in the news. He even targets Carol to hurt Angela and it works.

Veronica asks Giselle to come forward about the abuse she’s faced but Giselle is devoted to Matias. She then tries to appeal to Anita and Anita agrees to cooperate but before they can meet, Matias kills her.

With the walls closing in on Matias, Veronica gets ready to tighten the screws and bring justice but Matias has some aces up the sleeve that he plays to get his way.

Good Morning, Veronica season 2 ending explained in detail:

What is Matias and Giselle’s secret?

When Angela returns to the house after running away, Giselle is nowhere to be seen and when asked about Matias doesn’t answer.

Davi uncovers some information about Matias’s past and tells Veronica about the church in his hometown that has turned into a mental hospital.

Veronica checks out the hospital and finds Giselle over there. Thanks to a picture given to her by Angela and Giselle’s confession, Veronica arrives at the truth that Giselle is actually Matias’s daughter and that he groomed her as a child and will do the same with Angela.

What is Angela and Carol’s fate?

Matias is set to “heal” Carol but Angela attacks him and the two girls run away. They go and meet Veronica who houses them and convinces Angela to speak out against her father.

While Veronica is out, some of the corrupt police officers find Angela and take her back after shooting Carol in the leg. Angela returns home to find her mother missing and Matias tells her that she will be his love from now on.

At one of his services, Giselle shows up and speaks the truth with many women standing up for themselves and confirming that Matias abused them.

Matias tries to escape with Giselle but Veronica chases after them and rescues Angela while the police arrest Matias. Angela and Carol get to live a happy life on a beach, away from all the abuse they faced.

Who is Doum?

Veronica is still the prime suspect in Anita’s murder so after saying her goodbyes to her family, she turns herself in. Gloria lets her escape because she’ll be an easy target in prison.

She also gives her some evidence that Matias was trying to take with him while escaping. Among the evidence was a picture of Matias, Claudio and a third person.

Matias is serving his sentence in luxury with an ankle monitor. He welcomes a mysterious individual into his home and shows him a picture of Veronica and her children. He tells the man that Veronica is responsible for the death of his brother and that he would take a liking to Her daughter.

He then refers to this individual as Doum, presumably the third person in the picture whom Veronica is investigating while on the run.

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