Foundation season 2 review: Stronger season has learned from its mistakes

In Foundation season 2, the second crisis comes in the form of an impending war between the Empire and the Foundation. The second season is now streaming on Apple TV+.


While trapped on Synnax, Gaal and Salvor get to know each other, and the former explains how Hari’s plan has gone off course and how the second crisis is right on their doorstep.

Hari’s consciousness breaks out of the Prime Radiant and helps the two escape Synnax. He explains how the absence of the Second Foundation will affect the future.

In a grim future ahead, the Second Foundation does exist, and hence, Hari, Gaal, and Salvor plan to search for the location where it is growing.

On Trantor, Cleon XVII, also known as Brother Day, suspects that someone is conspiring to kill him; it can be even his own brothers. After all, he has decided to end the genetic dynasty by marrying Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion.

What Brother Day doesn’t know is that Hari Seldon’s Foundation has flourished in the dark and could become a threat to his Empire very soon.


The original cast members who return for the second season fairly retain their performances. With the second crisis being a bigger concern, the cast is able to reflect it in their reactions and emotions.

Lee Pace, Terrence Mann, and Cassian Bilton show how Brothers Day, Dusk, and Dawn are the same person yet different in many ways.

Among the new cast members, Ella-Rae Smith shines as Queen Sareth. Smith carries herself like a queen who is inexperienced but is determined, smart, sneaky, and someone who gets things done.

By the end of the season, Laura Birn, who plays Demerzel, takes the spotlight. Birn breaks a viewer every time Demerzel is involved in an emotional scene. Birn pours her heart out to play a character who has lived quite a tragic life.


Apple TV+ continues to not look back at the budget for its sci-fi shows, and it is evident in the second season of Foundation. Even though the first season wasn’t perfect, Apple TV+ hasn’t compromised on the quality of the second season visually.

The sets, the CGI, the costumes—everything is visually appealing. Space travel, different planets, and their habitats keep a viewer guessing how things work there.

Learning from its mistakes, Foundation season 2 has adopted a decent pace, and the different narratives run well side-by-side, making sure a viewer is not lost or confused.

The series claims the second crisis is quite big. While it is, the story of Demerzel, in particular, will have viewers fascinated about where she comes from, the history of the show’s universe, and a lot more.

Demerzel’s story is certainly heartbreaking. It is able to give one a feeling of what being trapped in oneself feels like. There is a sense of uneasiness watching her story unfold as well.


The language used in Foundation and the way it explains the history and certain plot points can sometimes jumble things up, requiring a viewer to revisit the scene.

The plot involving Tellem Bond and the Mentalics is formulaic and marred by dissatisfying performances. Furthermore, this subplot doesn’t even have a great, eventful ending.


Foundation season 2 starts out slow, as it gives the characters featured in this season their goals. By the end of the season, the show makes most of these subplots count.

The show actually becomes what it should have been from the start during the final two episodes of the second season. A viewer ends up feeling for Demerzel, and her story hints at how grand the world of Foundation can be.

Foundation season 2
Foundation season 2 review: Stronger season has learned from its mistakes 1

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