Flashback review: Makes the most of a fascinating idea

In Flashback, Jess gets a chance to change an event from her past life to avoid another upcoming event. However, it costs her something dear to her. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Jess is a yoga instructor who has been seeing an entity that takes the form of Dr. Bones, a vulture-skull creature that she has grown up admiring, as it makes her feel safe.

It is said that when a person dies, their life flashes before their eyes. Their life’s precious moments—good, bad, and everything in between—are brought together in front of them.

Jess has always wondered what would happen if they got a chance to control that flashback, live in a particular moment, and be able to change things. Soon, Jess gets to see if it is possible when someone breaks into her house and kills her and her boyfriend.


Jemma Moore brilliantly captures the curiosity that her character, Jess, has about the experience one goes through during their last moments. Her expressions say it all.

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Moore is also able to hint that Jess already, somewhere, knows that her death is near. At least, the concern on her face suggests that.

When her character does get a chance to explore what she is curious about, the actor playing the younger version of Jess carries the restlessness well, as she takes deep breaths and looks like she is quite nervous about how things might go bad.


The film presents its crux well, as, along with Jess, even the viewers wonder how life must flash in front of their eyes during their last moments.

Flashback‘s lead character and the film’s story have the ability to take viewers along on this journey. The fact that Jess asks viewers what they would do if they got an opportunity like this makes the film more about them.

The character of Jess is quite determined and strong, considering how she doesn’t waste time and makes the most of the opportunity that she gets, and that makes her experience believable, and viewers will find themselves rooting for her.

The film also has some beautiful transitions through which it jumps between times. It concludes on a sad but satisfactory note. It is suggested that a sacrifice is always required for something precious.


For the most part, the viewers have to conclude how Jess is making moves or what her motivation is. Not everything is explained in depth about how she got this chance. It is hinted during the film, and viewers will have to catch those hints.


Flashback takes a thought, makes viewers curious about it, and banks out on it effectively. Everything Jess experiences is worth looking forward to, and the transitions and the conclusion of the story are satisfying, making the film worth a watch.

Flashback review: Makes the most of a fascinating idea 1

Director: Jed Shepherd

Date Created: 2023-10-20 12:30

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