Feedback (2023) review: Incredibly clever and profound narrative

Feedback (2023), or Informacja zwrotna is a Polish drama series about an alcoholic father who wakes up with no memories of the previous night and begins a frantic search for his son. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Marcin is a washed-up musician and recovering alcoholic who wakes up one morning with only one memory from the previous night. That he met his son after a very long time, and now his son is missing.

Marcin does his best to stay on the wagon following his misstep and retrace his steps from the previous night to figure out where his son might be.

The investigation leads him down a path he does not appreciate because it has some very difficult revelations about his son, and about himself that he has to face.


Arkadiusz Jakubik is great in the lead role of Marcin. His turn as the father and alcoholic are two different sides that blend well together in the emotional turmoil of the series.


The concept of the unreliable narrator is employed brilliantly here because the hints are subtle and the narrative remains mostly consistent throughout.

The series takes a genuine look at tough issues such as alcohol abuse and mental health and spreads awareness of how it can be hard to truly spot the signs.

The placement of the flashbacks and the structure of the story are clever and add to the drama and intrigue of the series.


Despite having only 5 episodes, the pacing of the series is a bit sluggish, and getting through it can be a bit of a chore.

Apart from the narrative, there aren’t too many things that stand out in the series such as the score, the cinematography, or the locations, which are all quite average.


Feedback (2023) is a strong series with an impressive narrative that successfully subverts the expectations of the audience while serving up clues of the truth all along the way. It is a blend of genres that work well together and while it can be a bit tedious, the message of the series is profound and appreciated.

Feedback (2023) review: Incredibly clever and profound narrative 1

Director: Leszek Dawid

Date Created: 2023-11-15 13:30

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