Disenchantment part 5 review: The final part is moderately enjoyable

In Disenchantment part 5, Queen Dagmar is ruling Dreamland with Satan by her side, and Bean must do everything in her power to defeat her mother and save the kingdom. Disenchantment’s fifth and final part is now streaming on Netflix.


When Dagmar pushed Bean off the balcony, she thought that Bean died. However, Bean was saved by Mora the Mermaid. Bean and Mora love each other. Mora tells Bean that she can live a peaceful and happy life with her, but Bean knows she needs to go back to defeat her mother.

Dagmar can still get what she wants, as she has the head of Bad Bean. She just needs to reattach her head to her body. Dagmar is now the queen of Dreamland, and her husband, Satan, rules by her side. However, he realizes that Dagmar is more evil than him.

When Bean’s friends find out that Bean has been killed, they hide Bad Bean’s body to stop Dagmar from using Bad Bean. It is not an easy task, as Bad Bean’s body cannot be destroyed and it keeps hunting Bean’s friends. 

Bean not only needs to stop her mother from using the magic of Dreamland but also rescue her friends, her kingdom, and her father, King Zøg, who is in prison in Steamland. Will Bean be able to put an end to her mother’s nefarious plans once and for all?

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Disenchantment can still make the audience laugh. The show can be extremely silly at times, but that is part of its charm. One cannot help but laugh at the God whose head is a lightbulb or Satan who keeps getting tricked.

Furthermore, since the audience is familiar with all the main characters, it is easy to get invested in their stories. The characters are quirky in their own ways. Luci, especially, is a character that never fails to entertain and continues to stand out even in part 5.

The fifth part of Disenchantment answers all the major questions regarding the plot, even though the answers are not always satisfying, something that is acknowledged in the show. It does not take itself too seriously, so the dissatisfying answers do not become an issue.


The fifth part of the show is stretched quite a lot to make it 10 episodes long. There are sequences that go on for longer than necessary. Dagmar and Bean’s final battle fails to be entertaining because, before the showdown, there is a lot of unnecessary action.

This part has many subplots, and not all of them are enjoyable. Some of the subplots are neither entertaining nor important to the plot. Even if they were not included, the audience would not have missed out on anything.


Disenchantment part 5 is a show that the audience will be able to enjoy as long as they do not take it very seriously. This part is far from perfect, but the fans of the show might want to see how the story ends.

Disenchantment part 5
Disenchantment part 5 review: The final part is moderately enjoyable 1

Director: Peter Avanzino, Crystal Chesney-Thompson, Jeff Myers, Ira Sherak, Dwayne Carey-Hill, Andrew Han

Date Created: 2023-08-31 20:28

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