Deadwind season 3 review: An engrossing mystery with superfluous subplots

Deadwind Season 3 follows Karppi and Nurmi, two detectives who are on the trail of a ruthless murderer who leaves a mysterious symbol near the victims. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Sofia Karppi, a homicide detective working with the Helsinki Police Department, is assigned to a new case with her former partner, Sakari Nurmi.

They work together to find out what happened to Tuuli Siren, a woman brutally murdered inside a cage at an abandoned animal hospital.

As they began investigating, more bodies piled up, with a common thread pointing towards a pharmaceutical company developing a new opioid withdrawal medication called Rehaxin.

Karppi soon uncovers that the killer has left a symbol near each of his victims.

Amidst all of this, she also receives an intriguing call about her late husband, revealing that his death was not an accident.

As Karppi and Nurmi dive deeper into the case, it becomes clear that all of the victims are linked to something far bigger and more sinister.


The main characters are interesting and multi-layered. Pihla Viitala as Sophia Karppi and Lauri Tilkanen as Sakari Nurmi are both excellent and nuanced actors.

While having to read subtitles can make judging acting quality more difficult, their abilities clearly transcend language barriers. Furthermore, their chemistry is spectacular.

Saara Kotkaniemi as Silja Rautamaa and Vera Kiiskinen as Peltola are excellent and have unique personalities that they bring to the roles.

Other supporting characters lack depth and fail to hold the audience’s interest in any significant way.


The beautifully shot series is intriguing, with intricately twisted plots, exciting and unique sequences, and strong acting by the leads. It’s not for those looking for fast-paced action with a thrill at every turn.

Deadwind is a captivating mystery with so many subtleties and suspects that it’s impossible to predict where the next episode will go. Also, it’s not just about chasing a killer; it further dives into the backstories of families and relationships.

The storyline is fascinating, and even though it adheres to the same formula of introducing tragedy into the private lives of the main characters, unlike some other shows, it never allows these characters to be morally ambiguous.


The long-winded and tedious subplots are definitely the series’ major setback.

They should’ve been significantly cut down to put more of an emphasis on the main characters and plot. For example, the series could have done better without Karppi’s children and their grating side stories.

One of the most important aspects of a crime series like this is how the story joins the pieces to create a complete picture and eventually leads the detectives to catch the bad guy in an elegant and coherent way.

Unfortunately, this series is weak right there, with too many twists and turns that do not make sense and too many superfluous events that occur in order to move the story forward.


From the very first episode itself, there is nothing groundbreaking about the series. It’s a dark, skillfully performed detective drama that draws viewers in with its main mystery and keeps them interested because of its conflicted lead actress.

This season of Deadwind falls into the grey area that the viewers have come to accept as binge-worthy.

Deadwind season 3
Deadwind season 3 review: An engrossing mystery with superfluous subplots 1

Director: Rike Jokela

Date Created: 2022-10-29 12:30

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