Damsel review: A fairytale turned engaging survival tale

Damsel revolves around Elodie, a young woman whose marriage to a charming prince leads to her fighting for her life. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Lord Bayford receives a marriage proposal for his daughter, Elodie, from the Queen of Aurea, a faraway kingdom, for her son, Prince Henry.

Lord Bayford sees Elodie’s marriage to Henry as a way to help his people, who are starving and freezing during the harsh winter. 

Although Elodie agrees to marry Henry for the sake of her people, she is pleased to know that Henry has the same dreams as her.

However, Elodie’s stepmother, Lady Bayford, has her doubts about the royal family. She does not trust them and warns Elodie against marrying into the family.

Despite her stepmother’s concerns, Elodie ends up marrying Henry, only to be sacrificed to a creature by the royal family.

What should have been her happily ever after with her husband turns into a fight for survival, forcing Elodie to face a dangerous creature all on her own.


Millie Bobby Brown shoulders the weight of the film effortlessly. She imbues her character with the spirit of a survivor and the courage of a fighter.

Drawing from her experience in the fantasy genre, Brown successfully depicts her character’s fear and growing desperation in the face of the creature.

Additionally, Angela Bassett and Robin Wright shine in their roles as contrasting characters among the supporting cast.


From the very beginning, despite the dreamy setting of a grand palace, the film’s direction conveys a sense of unease. 

Although the palace and its residents appear straight out of a fairytale, one cannot shake off the feeling that something is amiss.

Once all the secrets are revealed, this unease turns into desperation, which is felt by the audience along with the characters.

Similarly, even when the creature is not present onscreen, its ominous presence looms, accentuated by the sounds that announce its presence.

The setting of this survival tale is fantasy, which allows for the inclusion of imaginative creatures and locations not typically found in realistic survival dramas.

Furthermore, the film is engaging, with the sets, the costumes, and the CGI bringing the fantasy world to life. 


Damsel does have some scenes that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately, there are not many of those.

Additionally, while it does depict Elodie’s moments of strength and weakness when she is in danger, they are not impactful enough to make it an unforgettable survival drama.

Lastly, the female characters are at the heart of the plot. However, apart from Lady Bayford, whose character adds depth to the stereotypical nagging mother trope, the others lack complexity. 

They are either portrayed as good, courageous, and caring women or as self-centered, evil, or vicious.


Damsel resembles the modern reinterpretations of fairytales, where the damsel must save herself instead of waiting for a knight in shining armor. For those who enjoy such films, Damsel is sure to be engaging.

Damsel review: A fairytale turned engaging survival tale 1

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Date Created: 2024-03-08 05:30

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