Cubicles review: Exploits of a fresh IT engineer

Envoy Score: 3.5/5

The Viral Fever has launched yet another entertaining mini web series Cubicles in collaboration with DSP Mutual Fund. Based on the infamous office culture in India, Cubicles is a great experience.


The plot revolves around Piyush Prajapati (Abhishek Chauhan) and his first job as an IT engineer along with his friend Kalpesh Bhatia (Arnav Bhasin). His tribulations begin on the first day with his biometrics not getting registered making him report to work late. 

Later, he rubs shoulders with Angad (Shivankit Singh Parihar) for all the wrong reasons. On his first day in office Piyush gets reprimanded without making any mistakes and is taken to task by the vengeful Angad who is a Systems Administrator. 

The dig at the most mismanaged concept of CTC (Cost To Company) is shown brilliantly. Piyush faces the dreaded tax demon and it drains every last drop of his savings, leaving nothing but peanuts every month.

As a result, his dream to buy a recliner with his first salary to relax after a hard day’s work remains a dream. How Piyush succeeds while dealing with all kinds of elements in an IT company as a fresher is what forms the crux of the series.


Abhishek Chauhan who featured in the comedy series Baked leaves his mark as a confused 22-year-old first jobber. His performance and expressions make Cubicles a good watch. 

In particular, his scenes with Richa Bharadwaj (Srishti Rindani) are laudable. Rindani has also done well in her brief role as a woman with a practical outlook who believes in pure love without transactions.

Nidhi Bisht as a not so friendly but caring boss excels in her role with her tongue-in-cheek rhetoric which evokes laughter.


The exploits of a fresh IT Engineer in his first job are very well picturised and presented by director Chaitanya Kumbhakonam (Girls Hostel). He is well supported by writers Amit Golani (Humorously Yours), Avinash Singh and Vijay Narayan Verma. 

Karthik Rao’s (Kota Factory) music creates the right mood and elevates the narrative to a great extent.


Cubicles appeals to only a section of audience as it targets young professionals thereby limiting its reach. Apart from this glitch it’s a plausible effort.

Worth it?

Those who love surrealistic office comedy will love this too. Also, the younger generation who are keen on joining the IT sector should watch Cubicles to get a virtual feel of the culture.

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