Central Park season 3 review: Gets distracted from its main plot

The third season of Central Park sees Owen orchestrating a campaign to raise awareness for the park. The season is now available to stream on Apple TV+.


Springtime brought growth and change to New York, and Owen wants the same for his park. For a while now, he has been trying to attract people to come here, especially the new mayor.

He managed to do so during the shoot of a popular TV show in the park. Mayor Leeds heard Owen’s idea of a campaign for the park and gave his approval.

While Owen worked on his campaign, Paige found herself busy writing her book. At the same time, she helped her sister, Abby, settle down in New York.

Abby came to the big city with dreams of becoming an actress, but in order to survive here, she needed a job.

The hunt for the same landed her at the Brandenham Hotel, where she has to aid Bitsy, who has sinister plans of buying Central Park with the help of the new mayor.


The third season is off to a very strong start, as the first few episodes stay focused on one main goal for each of the characters.

Owen and Paige have taken the spotlight most of the time. They are very passionate about their dreams this season.

Abby is a young and ambitious addition to the show. She easily fits into the dynamic of the Tillerman family. Furthermore, she kind of represents each and every individual that comes to New York in hopes of fulfilling their dreams.

Another thing to note about Abby is how she is able to work alongside Bitsy as well. Though Paige will always see her as a kid, she is quite mature and knows that in order to survive in New York, she needs to deal with bosses like Bitsy.

Bitsy over here has transformed a lot this season. She is cruel and at times a complete joke. Still, she never loses her confidence and even opts to do the most embarrassing things just for her own good.


Central Park brings strong goals for its characters, but it dissects away from them in the later episodes.

There is less development around these goals. Instead, the show spends a lot of time on small adventures.

There are only a few episodes that give some hints on how far Owen has come with his campaign or where Paige is stuck when it comes to her book.

The show is also filled with a lot of sub-plots that are best suited for short promotional clips. They don’t really add anything important to the main plot or the characters’ development until the finale.


Yes, Central Park season 3 doesn’t stay focused on its main goal, but the small adventures the Tillerman family goes on are not exactly weak. So, at the end of the day, the third season is definitely a ride the viewers won’t want to miss.

Central Park season 3
Central Park season 3 review: Gets distracted from its main plot 1

Director: Tom King, Steven Theis, Brian Kaufman, Mario D'Anna

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