Blood, Sex & Royalty review: Informative and enjoyable depiction of history

Blood, Sex & Royalty depicts the story of Anne Boleyn and her rise to the position of Queen of England as historians discuss her impact on the history of England. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Anne Boleyn was a well educated, highly opinionated woman in England in the 16th century. While other women were focused on find love for themselves, Anne wasn’t similarly inclined.

Anne was more interested in revolutionary ideas and religious reform, which were concepts that would get one in trouble back then. She eventually crosses paths with King Henry VIII and two feel a spark between them.

They gradually fall in love with each other and Anne spreads her radical ideas with her husband who separates England from the Catholic Church in Rome and sets up the Church of England.

What starts off as a great relationship devolves into something more cold as Anne is not able to produce the male heir that Henry so greatly desires. Ultimately, Anne is falsely accused of infidelity and treason and executed but her personality and ideology left a lasting imapct on the kingdom’s history.


Amy James-Kelly is marvelous as Anne Boleyn with her charm shining on screen throughout. She is perfect as the spunky Anne who has a quick wit and an infectious personality. James-Kelly delights in this role thanks to the modern influences in the series.

Max Parker plays Henry Tudor and he is similarly briliant. He excels as the alpha male monarch who is lustful towards Anne initially and then filled rage later on. Parker shows a good range from start to finish.

There are several other supporting characters who exist to revolve around Anne and to some extent Henry. They do a good job without drawing attention away from the star attractions.


The storytelling is layered which makes it all the more interesting. While Anne is giving her account, the various historians and specialists provide context to what’s happening. Anne herself breaks the fourth wall several times for simple introductions which is a nice touch.

The modern influence is what makes the series truly enjoyable. The language is easy to follow and the script is casual and funny, allowing the performers to be comfortable with their portrayals of renowned historical figures.

The costumes are exquisite and the locations and sets are aesthetically wonderful to observe. The background score is also curated perfectly for this series.


Given that this is a slightly modern adaptation of history, there are certain creative liberties taken with respect to what actually happened and that is bound to draw some criticism.


Blood, Sex & Royalty is a fun and educational series that blends the historical with the fictional to produce a splendid look at the life of one of the most influential monarchs in the histroy of England. The dialogue is sharp and the visuals are eye-catching in this easy-to-watch retelling of events.

Blood, Sex & Royalty
Blood, Sex & Royalty review: Informative and enjoyable depiction of history 1

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