Autumn Girl review: Refreshing story about breaking standards  

Rating: 4/5

Netflix’s ‘Autumn Girl’ is a biopic of singer and performer Kalina Jedrusik. She was at her peak popularity when some people threatened it.


With her controversial outfits and bold attitude, Kalina Jedrusik was declared a Polish sex symbol. The film is based on her life and how she defied the pretentious society of the 1960s. She is unapologetically herself and doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion.

Kalina is at the peak of her popularity when the new TV entertainment head makes a move on her. She turns him down. Rysiek Molski is enraged by this and attempts to ruin her career.

He cancels all of her TV appearances, and she is prohibited from entering any TV entertainment building. Kalina is distraught by this but doesn’t lose her spirit. She fights against everyone and comes out stronger.


Autumn Girl’s casting is flawless. All of the actors are well-suited for their roles and play their parts quite well. 

Maria Debska has done an exceptional job in playing the fierce and unapologetic character of Kalina. The role comes naturally to her and it looks like she is genuinely enjoying herself and just having fun instead of reading out the script. She captures Kalina’s sensuality and outspoken attitude with ease. 

Leszek Lichota, who plays the role of Kalina’s husband, has a very passive character. Despite the significant screen time, his character does not gather the viewer’s attention, which works in the movie’s favor as it stays on Kalina all the time. 

For Lucek, Kalina’s young lover, Krzysztof Zalewski is an ideal choice. He has great chemistry with Debska and garnered viewers’ support with his charming personality. 

Bartlomiej Kotschedoff has done a fabulous job playing the role of a misogynist man with a fragile ego. Molski represents all the men who wield power and abuse it for personal gain.


It is a Polish musical biopic and despite the language barrier, the songs are quite enjoyable. The music compliments the situation and isn’t overdone. 

The cinematography and the aesthetics of the movie are very well presented. The movie is able to capture the chic glamour of the 60s. The dresses designed for Kalina do justice to her character and showcase her bold attitude. 

The colors are aptly used and work as props for the film. They vary from bold red to subtle beige, depending on the situation. 

The character of Kalina is fascinating. Even in the 1960s, she was very empowering and didn’t let anyone boss her around. She was her own person and did not let others’ opinions bother her. She embraced her sexuality and wasn’t shy about it.


The end of the story feels a little anticlimactic, as viewers were expecting more drama. But seeing that this is a biopic, it feels somewhat justified.

The movie does not explore the complexity of the relationship between Kalina, her husband, and Lucek. A little more insight into their complex arrangement would have been intriguing.


With its high artistic value, Autumn Girl is a visual pleasure. Kalina’s personality keeps the audience engaged despite the lack of constant drama. It is a fantastic watch.

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