Aspirants season 2 review: Plagued by minor narrative issues

Aspirants season 2 follows Abhilash on his first posting as the DM of Rampur, Guri’s financial troubles, and attempts to gain government contracts, and SK’s struggles in between the two. The episodes are streaming on Prime Video.


Abhilash gets his first posting as District Magistrate in Rampur and his administrative skills are put to the test as he is faced with some tough decisions. However, some of his decisions put him at odds with Sandeep Bhaiya, the person he idolized for many years.

Guri and SK have made up with Abhilash but aren’t entirely convinced that he has changed for the better. Guri is worried about his business, and SK is also struggling professionally and doesn’t know who to turn to.

The three friends’ lives intersect and they have to put their egos aside and figure out what is best for each of them individually as well as for their friendship.


Naveen Kasturia’s shift between an intelligent civil servant and a stubborn aspirant is impressive. He plays both roles with great control and credibility.

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Shivankit Singh Parihar’s turn as Guri is not too far from what he served up in the first season. With the focus on the present being more, Guri is more worried and stressed out, and Parihar balances that out with the carefree attitude of the younger Guri.

Abhilash Thapliyal comes across as quite whiny in the role of SK, and while the character’s concerns are mostly warranted, Thapliyal’s portrayal can be a bit grating at times.

Sunny Hinduja and Namita Dubey return for this season with varying results as the focus on their characters shifts.


The creators have captured the complexities of human relationships well and the characters are crafted well. Each one has its own motivations that different people can relate to.

The bureaucratic process and the responsibilities of a civil servant are depicted in an informative and casual manner that doesn’t reduce it to just protocol and red tape.

With the backing of a bigger studio, the production value of the series is much improved, and the oftentimes awkward product placement from the first season is thankfully phased out.


The non-linear structure of the narrative makes things a bit confusing to follow at times, and there is never a clear indicator of what period the scene is set in. Audiences are left to depend on their own focus and understanding of the series.

The 5 episode arc may have suited the first season but this time around the story feels a little incomplete. The creators would have been better off producing a standard 8-episode season to let the narratives progress naturally.


Aspirants season 2 still maintains some of the charm of the first season but there are some issues that cannot be ignored. The slight shift of focus to the present-day lives of the protagonists still covers important issues but doesn’t necessarily espouse the core values that the show was established on.

Aspirants season 2
Aspirants season 2 review: Plagued by minor narrative issues 1

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