Andor review: Yet another scintillating spin-off in the Star Wars universe

Andor is a spin-off series focusing on the ‘Rogue One’ character Cassian Andor and how he got himself involved in the rebellion. All episodes of the series are now streaming on Disney+.


Cassian is a cynical thief who was part of a tribe on the planet Kenari. When the Empire took over the planet for their mining activities, Cassian was taken away from there as a boy by a pair of scavengers named Clem and Maarva Andor.

Cassian grew up on the planet Ferrix and is a selfish man who only cares for a select few people and mostly looks out for himself. Due to his abilities as a thief, Cassian is recruited by Luthen Rael, an integral member of the rebellion during it’s formation.

This leads Cassian down a winding road that involves a major heist and a brief stint in prison as Cassian goes from pessimist to strong believer of the cause who will do anything he can to stick it to the Empire.


Diego Luna is amazing as the primary protagonist, reprising his role from Rogue One and providing the character with a more rounded backstory explaining his attitude. Luna is equal parts charming and intense as this reluctant rebel.

Kyle Soller plays Syril Karn, an obsessive man-child who loses his job because of Cassian and is hell-bent on getting revenge and furthering the will of the Empire. Soller is annoying in a good way, doing justice to his character.

Stellan Skarsgård is the mysterious Luthen Rael, a rebel leader moonlighting as an antiquities dealer on Coruscant. Rael is the embodiment of the darker side of the rebellion as he shows no remorse in making sacrifices in the name of the rebellion and Skarsgård’s poise and delivery stamp those notions home.

Denise Gough’s performance as Dedra Meero, one of the primary protagonists of the series, is quite good. She is an ambitious and intelligent officer who sees connections no one else can and Gough shines in the role.

There are several other brilliant performances in the cast such as Genevieve O’Reilly, and Fiona Shaw among many others. Andy Serkis deserves a special mention as Kino Loy, who delivers an outstanding performance full of emotion.


The writers have delivered a riveting script backed by a stunning delivery from many of the performers. There are several monologues throughout the series that capture the attention of the audience and must not be ignored.

The visuals are stunning as is the case with most properties in the Star Wars franchise. The intricate use of black and white in contrast for many of the sets has always been a strong point. The ISB headquarters and the prison on Narkina 5 are mesmerising.

In fact, most of the series takes place in crowded locales such as Coruscant and Ferrix, as opposed to the other recent series such as Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. It’s a welcome shift in focus.

The background score is another aspect the series can be proud of as it successfully sets the tone throughout while building the tension at the appropriate occasions.

The 12 episodes are well structured with the story progressing at an agreeable pace and each arc in Cassian’s story transitions seamlessly.


Mon Mothma’s arc doesn’t hold up in quality to the rest of the series despite some heavy performances by O’Reilly. Her story moves slowly and is confusing at times but leaves just enough to anticipate what might happen in the second season.


Andor can be considered one of the best spin-offs of the franchise, much like its parent film ‘Rogue One’. The series focuses on a likeable protagonist in the form of Cassian as well as the initial days of the rebellion and how it set the groundwork for the eventual fall of the Empire.

Filled with passionate performances and engaging dialogue, this series is a must-watch for any Star Wars fan and surely will not disappoint.

Andor review: Yet another scintillating spin-off in the Star Wars universe 1

Director: Toby Haynes, Susanna White, Benjamin Caron

Date Created: 2022-09-21 12:30

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