Alchemy of Souls part 2 review: A visually stunning dive into the world of mages

The second part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’ takes place three years after Naksu’s assumed death. When Jang Uk meets Bu-yeon, he recovers and learns to fall in love once again. The second part of the series is now streaming on Netflix.


After Naksu’s death, Jang Uk, reborn with the power of the Ice Stone, is given the responsibility of hunting and killing the soul shifters that plague Daeho.

One night, Jang Uk enters Jinyowon, which closed itself off from the outside world three years ago, while chasing a soul shifter. He comes across a girl locked in the annex. She claims to be Jin Bu-yeon, the eldest daughter of Jinyowon. 

Bu-yeon, to avoid being forced into a marriage, asks Jang Uk to marry her, as he is powerful enough to go against her mother. He initially declines her offer, but when he realizes that she can extract the Ice Stone from his body, he agrees to marry her.

Bu-yeon lost all her memories three years ago. She needs to regain her memories to get back her divine powers that would allow her to extract and destroy the Ice Stone.

However, as she starts remembering her past life, carefully kept secrets are revealed, and Jang Uk is forced to revisit his past, recover from it, and learn to love again. 

With the power-hungry rulers and authorities plotting against him and the ghosts of the past coming back to haunt him, Jang Uk must fight to protect what is dear to him. 


For the most part, the script required Lee Jae-wook to play the part of a tragic hero. As Jang Uk, he not only depicts his dominating side as the most powerful man but also easily brings out his vulnerable side when the script asks for it.

To say Go Youn-jung, who plays Bu-yeon, had big shoes to fill would be an understatement. She had to replace Jung So-min, a fan favorite, as the lead actress in the second part. However, it did not take her more than two episodes to become a fan favorite herself.

It is refreshing to watch her; every time she comes on-screen, she brings something new. She wholeheartedly embraces the part of an unpredictable girl who has her fair share of sorrows but keeps looking for reasons to be happy in life.

Hwang Min-hyun, as Yul, played his part well, but he did not stand out. Shin Seung-ho, as Go Won, convincingly transitions from a misguided villain to a righteous ruler without losing his distinct comic touch.

Barring a few exceptions, the performances of the rest of the cast are praiseworthy; the actors adapt to the needs of the script adequately.


Similar to the first part, the second part is just as visually aesthetic. The scenic landscapes and the beautiful costumes add to the charm of this imaginary world of mages. Even the action scenes make the viewers want to glue their eyes to the screen. 

The cinematography is impressive. It adds to the general mood of every scene. There are breezy, light-hearted scenes, and then there are intense scenes thick with tension. For instance, the viewers could almost feel the cold that surrounds Jang Uk whenever wraiths come seeking him.

The second part of the show focuses mainly on the protagonist’s growth and recovery. Jang Uk reached the top, but it did not bring him the happiness he thought it would. It captures Jang Uk’s steady healing and the need for him to mourn the past in order to move on.

This part also focuses on politics and schemes. Jang Uk cannot live in an isolated bubble, even with the power and wealth he possesses. The greed of those in positions of power affects him and several other individuals.


While the plot of the show is interesting, there are times when the writing can be frustrating for the viewers. The show would make a revelation only to prove the exact opposite thing two episodes later.

The show can be overly dramatic sometimes. Watching villains laugh in a melodramatic fashion can ruin a perfectly good scene.


The second part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’ does not disappoint. The chemistry between the lead characters, the visuals, the character developments, and more contribute to the charm of the show. It is a must-watch for fans of fantasy romance. 

Alchemy of Souls part 2
Alchemy of Souls part 2 review: A visually stunning dive into the world of mages 1

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