Welcome to Samdal-ri season 1 episode 4 recap & review

In Welcome to Samdal-ri episode 4, Sam-Dal’s mother takes her outside to tell everyone the truth about what happened to her. Later, Sam-Dal lies to Yong-Pil about her love life.


The episode opens in 2008, as the sequence delves into how Yong-Pil falls in love with Sam-Dal after years of being best friends with her.

In the present day, her friends take Sam-Dal to her home safely, as she remains drunk out of her kind. Yong-Pil hurts his knee trying to carry her flailing body.

In the morning, Sam-Dal stops her mother from going for a marathon again, telling her she didn’t bully Eun-Ju.

Her mother still goes for it even after confirming that her daughter didn’t do anything to earn all this hate because nothing much can be done for her in this hostile environment that has been created in the public sphere.

After the last night’s events, Sam-Dal’s phone ends up with Yong-Pil and he ends up answering Cheon Chung-Gi’s call, and his relentless questions leave a sour taste in Yong-Pil’s mouth.

Sam-Dal’s mother finally has had enough of her coworkers teasing her about her daughter, so she goes back home and takes Sam-Dal to meet with her colleagues, forcing her to set the record straight about what happened to her in Seoul.

Sam-Dal and Yong-Pil meet for the latter to return the phone to her. He asks her if Chung-Gi is her boyfriend and she says yes. Later, they meet again at the seashore to help out with the seaweed collection.

He asks her about her boyfriend again, and she again lies about him being a good boyfriend, which annoys Yong-Pil because Chung-Gi doesn’t seem so on the phone call.

She gets angry when she overhears others talking to Yong-Pil about how she dumped him in the past. Later, a fight breaks out between the two as they fling handfuls of seaweed at each other until Sam-Dal’s mother arrives and breaks up the fight.

The two collect the littered seaweed and she asks him to set the record straight with others regarding who broke up with whom. Sam-Dal later finds out that Chung-Gi talked with Yong-Pil briefly, just as he finds out that Chung-Gi is her ex-boyfriend.

She later confronts him about picking up her phone and he asks her why is she even dating him. She tells him she’s not, to which he asks why she lied about it.

Sam-Dal says he dumped her and then another boyfriend cheated on her; she lied out of embarrassment. The epilogue shows a flashback to when the two first made their love official, as Welcome to Samdal-ri episode 4 ends.


  • Welcome to Samdal-ri episode 4 cements the fact that Sam-Dal and Yong-Pil also have to contend with a love triangle as Sang-Do enters the picture. Another rom-com, another clichéd trope to suffer!
  • Jin-Dal’s ex-husband has entered the screen and how their relationship gets explored will be exciting to see, as it does seem a potential rife with humor.
  • Yong-Pil’s father’s cold shoulder to Sam-Dal’s mother hints at a resentment that possibly was borne out of the incident that took his wife’s life, and also one that most probably involved Sam-Dal’s mother in some capacity as well.
Welcome to Samdal-ri season 1 episode 4
Welcome to Samdal-ri season 1 episode 4 recap & review 1

Director: Cha Young-Hoon

Date Created: 2023-12-10 20:30

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