Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1 episode 7 recap and review

In episode 7 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella, a lot of political manoeuvring takes place among different people in the palace until one person gets their way. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


The Queen confronts the nursemaid who hurt the Grand Heir and asks her who she answers to but the nursemaid says that they are far more formidable than the queen. She then proceeds to kill herself before the queen can get any more information.

A small fire breaks out in the Queen’s quarters but it is quelled. The Crown Princess begs the Queen to leave the palace along with her children for their safety but the Queen wants them to stay and insists that she will keep them safe.

The Queen Dowager asks the King why he hasn’t acted against the Queen yet even though it has been proven that she is guilty of getting the medicine from outside. The King says that he will not bend to the will of his mother despite her insistence.

The Queen Dowager reminds the King that it was his ambition that led her to carry out the actions which eventually made him the king.

The Queen’s sons visit her because they are worried about her. Ilyeong asks his mother if they will be killed in the event of a Taekhyeon but the Queen says that she will not let that happen.

Seongnam goes to the King and admits to bringing the medicine from outside and promises to bring the physician and herbalist as witnesses to testify and prove that it wasn’t the medicine that killed the crown prince.

The Queen Dowager scolds Court Lady Shin for not informing her of the Queen’s meeting with the deposed queen Yoon but Lady Shin says that her loyalties lie with the Queen.

The Queen decides to visit physician Kwon but she is stopped by Councillor Hwang. Inside, Consort Hwang meets with Kwon and tells him to hold on just a little bit longer.

Seongnam goes in search of Master Toji but learns that he and the herbalist have packed up their belongings and left. He follows a lead to find out where Master Toji is but the physician is one step ahead and avoids Seongnam’s eyes.

At the interrogation of physician Kwon, he admits that the queen gave him the medicine but the queen shifts the blame onto the Crown Princess. The court officials insist on punishing the crown princess and the grand heir with execution but the King refuses to act.

The queen meets with the Queen Dowager and Councillor Hwang and offers them a deal. She agrees to have a Taekhyeon and suggests demoting the Crown Princess and her children to commoners. She also says that if one of her sons doesn’t become the next crown prince, she’ll step down as queen.

The Queen Dowager and Councillor Hwang agree to the arrangement thinking it benefits them but the queen has other plans. The crown princess is supposed to be banished to lowly quarters outside the palace and Councillor Hwang sends some men to kill them.

However, the queen secretly shifted them and brought them to a safe place, with Seongnam also aware of the plan. She tells them that she will bring them back to the palace eventually.

The King asks the queen why she put her position at risk and the queen says that she trusts her children and asks the King to ensure that the most worthy heir is chosen and not the one who is favoured.

He tells the court officials that he will decide the tests for the Taekhyeon and the princes are all kidnapped and taken to a remote location where the test is being held.


  • The planning and plotting in this episode are exquisite and the story is so well written. Every time someone appears to have the upper hand, someone else emerges with an advantage that shocks everyone.
  • The scenes between the queen and her sons are lovely little moments that balance out the other intense parts of the episode. There is something authentic about their performance as a family who cares for each other.
  • Choi Won-young got a more pronounced opportunity for character work in this episode. His honour and nobility are made apparent on multiple occasions while he also exhibits frustration for having his hands tied in certain situations despite being the king.
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 7
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 7 recap and review 1

Director: Kim Hyung-sik

Date Created: 2022-11-05 19:30

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