Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1 episode 12 recap & review

Episode 12 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella focuses on the first days of the new crown prince and the process of finding him a new bride. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Seongnam gets ready for his first day as the crown prince and gets a warm send-off from his mother. Seongnam visits the queen dowager and they have a frosty conversation. 

Gyeong-u stands before the king and asks why he was brought to the palace. The king reiterates that he would like Gyeong-u to be the minister of taxation but Gyeong-u has a different request. 

He asks the king to become the person in charge of the crown prince’s education. The king grants him his wish and makes him minister of taxation as well. 

It’s Seongnam’s first lesson with his tutors and the queen is worried because the first lesson generally involves hazing the new heir and giving him tough questions. 

However, Seongnam is well prepared to face these trials, especially the scrutiny of the chief state councillor. 

The queen begins her search for a suitable bride to become the crown princess with the help of consort Tae and consort Ko. They note down a list of worthy candidates.  

While they’re outside the palace, the queen witnesses Cheong-ha defending a poor woman from being swindled. 

The queen has a conversation with Cheong-ha but does not reveal who she is. When she finds out that Cheong-ha is already in love with Seongnam, she convinces her to participate in selecting the crown prince. 

The queen dowager visits minister Yoon to have a look at his other daughters but Cheong-ha arrives insisting that she would like to take part. 

The queen dowager has a conversation with Cheong-ha and tells minister Yoon that she would like her to be the next crown princess. Minster Yoon is sceptical as he believes the queen dowager is just using her to bring down Seongnam. 

The queen talks to Seongnam about the process and he agrees to marry whoever they choose as it is his royal duty. He still thinks about Cheong-ha but doesn’t reveal it to anyone. 

Prince Muan tells his brothers about the first time he saved Cho-wol and they ask him why they still remain friends if he likes her so much. He says that he made a promise to be friends because she is not of noble birth and friendship was the only way they could meet.

The queen is informed that physician Kwon is in Hanseong and she orders that he be followed and that all his recent activities be tracked. 

Physician Kwon managed to sneak in to meet Ham-deok and gives him a potion that will momentarily incapacitate him so that he can escape but it actually kills him. 

The rebels mourn his death and then discuss how they have to prove that former crown prince Taein was murdered to rebel against the king. 

Physician Kwon meets with consort Hwang and asks for her help sneaking back into the palace The queen still doubts the former crown prince’s death and knows that only physician Kwon can explain the mystery. 

The test to choose the next crown princess is underway and the queen pretends liek she doesn’t approve of Cheong-wa but ultimately helps her get selected. 

Seongnam learns that the eldest daughter of minister Yoon is selected but doesn’t know that it is Cheong-ha. 

Cheong-ha is thrilled to find out that she had met the queen earlier and not just any lady of the court. The queen also paid a visit to minister Yoon and his wife and ensured that she would keep Cheong-ha safe as long as he kept Seongnam safe. 

Seongnam continues to impress in his studies. The time for the wedding arrives and Seongnam is taken aback to see that Cheong-ha is the one chosen. 

However, he believes that she’s on the queen dowager’s side because she is minister Yoon’s daughter and he behaves coldly and distant towards her. 

Cho-wol shows up at the gates of the palace with a baby which is presumably Muan’s. Court lady Shin wakes the queen up with the news who reacts with understandable shock.


  • This is the third episode in a row where certain sequences have sped by with very little context as if they suddenly realised they’re approaching the end of the season. The time between the selection process and the wedding passes by with barely a mention in this instance.
  • Seongnam is clearly in love with Cheong-ha but due to the fact that she’s a supposed enemy’s daughter, he doesn’t trust her. This is one of those instances where one needs to exercise a certain suspension of disbelief as clear communication would resolve the issue right away.
  • The rebellion is a sub-plot which has been picking up focus but isn’t truly engaging yet. The king is a noble and just character who got there through unjust means so a rebellion must receive mixed reactions from the audience.
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 12
Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1 episode 12 recap & review 1

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