Tulsa King season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Stable

In episode 6 of Tulsa King, Dwight returns to Tulsa and has to face threats on two fronts as the Black Macadams push back and the mob wants reparations for what he did to Nico. The episode is streaming on Paramount+.


Roxy turns out to be an informant as she meets with Stacy and Doug Hendricks from the ATF. She tells them about Caolan’s recent run-in with Dwight and Doug wants to let the FBI know about this.

Chickie wants to do something about Dwight because of the attack on Nico but his father tells him to stand down. Dwight meets his daughter and tells her that he killed Nico.

She worries that the mob will come after her as well but he assures her that Pete has a code and will only go after Dwight.

He returns to Tulsa and Tyson tells him about his arrest. They head to Bodhi’s store but find it closed and he doesn’t answer his calls. Doug Hendricks calls the FBI and Stacy is nervous about her connection to Dwight.

Roxy sees Armand at the ranch and asks him if Dwight would be willing to sit down with Caolan. He says he’ll relay the message but he has no influence over the decision.

Dwight goes to the bar where Mitch tells him about Bodhi getting threatened by the Macadams. Armand informs him of the meeting and he considers how to deal with this issue.

He calls Tina to check in on her and she tells him that she did receive a call but no one spoke at the other end. He calls Pete’s consigliere, Goodie and wants to find a way to smooth the situation.

Stacy meets Dwight and tells him that the FBI is onto his activities in Tulsa so he needs to back down but Dwight is not very perturbed by this revelation.

The FBI shows up at Bodhi’s house to ask him questions about Dwight. Then they raid his store but aren’t able to find any of the products but they do find the safe at the back.

Pete tells Goodie that he can head to Tulsa to talk to Dwight and figure out a solution to the situation. Caolan and Dwight meet and despite Caolan’s threats, Dwight refuses to back down.

Everyone is enjoying a drink at the bar when Bodhi shows up and tells them that he was interrogated and raided by the FBI but didn’t give anything up. Dwight reveals that he asked Mitch to clear the place out since he expected them to raid the place and Bodhi is very happy.

Enjoying a coffee at his regular spot, Dwight is disappointed not to see Pilot the horse strutting across the streets. His regular waitress, Spencer, tells him that they’re putting Pilot down because he keeps wandering off and is old.

He asks Spencer if she likes horses and then goes to the stable to buy Pilot and save him from his tragic fate. Stacy calls Dwight and asks him to set Caolan up but Dwight says that he’s not a rat so he can’t help her.

Caolan orders his right hand to send a strong message to Dwight at the bar after hours when Roxy walks in and digs a little too deep into the business before getting a warning.

Pilot is dropped off at Armand’s ranch and Margaret gives Dwight to make proper arrangements for the old horse because she’s running a business and not a daycare for old pets.

Mitch gets an offer from Dwight to become a partner in his bar and he says he’ll think it over. As they’re leaving, the bar is hit with a few gunshots but Dwight and Mitch take Caolan’s right-hand man out and Mitch accepts Dwight’s offer immediately after.

Tina’s husband drops her and their kids off somewhere and then parks the car, when he’s headed up after, Chickie shows up out of nowhere and attacks him, breaking his arm and sending a message.


  • The scene where Dwight tells his daughter that he killed the man that assaulted her and justifies it is extremely intense. Stallone’s delivery, the dialogue and the score come together to create a truly chilling moment.
  • In fact, Stallone continues to be a powerhouse that is driving this series ahead with his efforts. He is ably supported by Martin Starr and Garrett Hedlund in this episode.
  • The narrative is picking up as Dwight faces trouble from all corners and it’s entertaining to watch him confront these issues with a certain panache.
Tulsa King season 1 episode 6
Tulsa King season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Stable 1

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