The White Lotus season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Bull Elephants

The White Lotus season 2 episode 3 sees Tanya plunging into a morose breakdown while ignoring a grim fortune that awaits her; Harper tries to do a personality switch-up and faces the consequences; Dominic makes an effort to change his ways.


The White Lotus ‘Bull Elephants’ opens with Tanya bawling her eyes out at Greg leaving, crying how he doesn’t love her and sees himself as stuck with her.

Following his departure, Tanya falls into despair, bemoaning her poor love life, and dragging Portia back to her room to keep her company.

Portia has to bail on Albie and his father and grandfather at the lunch during the tour. Meanwhile, Tanya has called for a Tarot Card reader who tells her that Greg is in love with someone else.

However, she pulls out a worse card that says Tanya’s madness is going to drive her to commit suicide. She can’t understand it though, as the reader says it out loud in Italian, while Tanya forces her out of the room for being so negative.

Meanwhile, Albie is too much of a nice guy for Portia, who is distracted by another hot guy in the pool. Portia isn’t keen on Albie’s awkward advances too.

Dominic tries to make a real change after Albie tells him to do the same, should he seek any meaningful development in his broken marriage and family.

He sends the girls back and tells Lucia he has to change, leaving the girls to look for another client.

Meanwhile, Harper tries to do too much to change herself in front of Cameron and Daphne. It comes back to bite her when Daphne gets her to tag along on a tour, which later turns into a longer stay at a palazzo that she rents.

As they get high together, Daphne reveals that she knows Cameron has cheated on her, at least once that she knows about. She also tells Harper that she keeps going because she doesn’t let herself become a victim.

Among other shockers that Daphne reveals to Harper, one, in particular, gets Harper visibly worried. She tells her that Cameron is involved with his friends who are all really predatory — the monstrous finance guys, the Bernie Madoff kind, to be precise.

At the hotel, Cameron convinces Ethan to meet his friends for future investment, telling him he can make him a lot of money. At night, he gets Ethan high and then brings Lucia and Mia to the room, having sex with the former while the latter tries to fool around with Ethan.

However, Ethan refuses her advances and as he sees Cameron going to town with Lucia, Harper’s calls to Ethan go unanswered before the credits roll on The White Lotus season 2 episode 3.


  • ‘The White Lotus’ continues to build up the suspense regarding the characters who are going to meet the tragic fate already unveiled in the season 2 premiere.
  • As to who these characters are going to be is a question difficult to answer at the moment, but thanks to one major clue in ‘The White Lotus’ episode 3, a specific character seems to be the recipient of the aforementioned fate by the end of the season.
  • This character is Tanya, who is going to commit suicide, or at least that’s what the Tarot Card reader tells her, who’s not keen on hearing anything the negative fortune teller has to say.
  • However, this could just be a false flag and instead of her, it’s someone else that ends up killing themselves or being killed by someone else.
  • To speculate who that might be, and who all those other corpses might be, is an exercise best left for another day.
  • Meanwhile, Harper’s intuitions about Cameron and Daphne coming true are certainly interesting.
  • Daphne’s decision to stay longer with Harper and away from the boys seems to be a deliberate and calculated move she might have made in cahoots with Cameron.
  • It’s kind of looking like the cheery couple is intent on widening the rift between Harper and Ethan more and more, to eventually pounce on all the new money he’s come into.
The White Lotus season 2 episode 3
The White Lotus season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Bull Elephants 1

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