The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Love Game

In the fourth episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty, the teenagers compete in boardwalk games and are reminded of what it is like to be happy. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video.


Steven witnesses Conrad’s panic attack and talks to him to help him through it. Conrad admits that he has been having a lot of panic attacks lately. This one was triggered because he found out that he got into Stanford, the school of his dreams.

However, he has no plans to go there because things are just starting to get better between him and Jeremiah, and he wants to live closer to his brother, who is going to Finch. He asks Steven not to tell Jeremiah about Stanford.

The next day, Julia comes to the beach house, and she does not want the teenagers at the open house. They still try to sabotage the open house, and they succeed. The AC stops functioning, and the open house is canceled. Taylor suspects it to be Steven’s work.

Since it is too hot inside, the group decides to go to the boardwalk. Belly invites Skye, Conrad and Jeremiah’s cousin, to join them, as she wants to get Skye on their side. Skye’s mother, Julia, allows them to go with the group.

There, the teenagers decide to play different games and compete in a tournament, something that they used to do when they were kids. They were banned from having the tournament by Susannah because Belly and Conrad used to get too competitive. 

Like old times, Conrad and Belly compete against each other. They form teams of their own, and the person whose team loses will have to go to the Tower of Terror, something that scares both of them.

The games allow the group to forget their worries for some time and enjoy like they used to do when they were younger. They also meet Cam there. Skye gets a chance to tell Conrad and Jeremiah that their mothers fought when they last saw each other after their father’s death, and they never reconciled.

Belly also remembers having her heart broken for the first time at the boardwalk. When she was 13, Conrad took her there, but she soon realized that he only took her there because he wanted to see the girl he liked. He had given Belly a soft toy he had won, but she thought he was just trying to be nice. 

In the present, Belly wins, and she does not pick the toy Conrad had given her in the past, much to his disappointment. Belly knows what makes Conrad and Jeremiah happy, and by competing with him, she is able to give Conrad some time when he can be happy again. 

At the event in New York, Laurel meets Cleveland, who has come there to see her. He assures her that she can always talk to him, and she admits that she does not know how to process Susannah’s death. 

Additionally, she tells him about Belly not being able to cope with Susannah’s death. He advises her to let Belly know that she is also grieving, but Laurel thinks that her grief will scare Belly. 

When she gets a message from Belly, Laurel thinks about letting Belly know that she misses Susannah as well but decides against it. Laurel is going to go out for dinner with Cleveland.

Belly’s team loses to Conrad’s, and now Belly must go on a ride called the Tower of Terror. However, Jeremiah joins her because he does not want her to do this alone. They are both scared and hold hands, which helps them. 

At that moment, Belly realizes that Jeremiah has always been there for her whenever she has needed him. While Taylor thinks that something is going on between Jeremiah and Belly, Steven thinks the same about Conrad and Belly. 

Conrad tells Steven that he had a good day, but the feeling does not last long. The teenagers return home to find all the furniture gone from the beach house.


  • This season of The Summer I Turned Pretty is rather somber, and so this episode offers a respite not just for the characters but also for the audience.
  • The competition between the two teams is quite entertaining. Apart from that, the games also highlight the changing relationships between various characters that will become important later in this season.
  • However, the episode’s end makes it evident that the upcoming episodes are not going to be fun and games. The ending hits the mark and creates tension that makes the audience curious about the next episode.
The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 4
The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Love Game 1

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