The Expanse season 6 episode 5 recap: Why We Fight

After several episodes spread across the vastness of space, the events of ‘The Expanse’ are finally converging to the same location with some characters goals beginning to align, leading to an uneasy alliance amongst them.


Cara has taken her brother to the middle of the forest where she encountered the weird space dogs with reanimation capabilities and is successful in bringing her brother back to the land of the living while defying all previously known laws of biology.

The Martians go ahead with their plan to attack the Medina station near the ring and get absolutely annihilated by Marco’s strategically placed rail guns. They clearly bit off more than they could chew but at least it increases the urgency amongst Avasarala’s henchmen who are even more eager to go to war now.

Marco himself has his own troubles with one of the belter stations under his control showing signs of dissent. Rosenfeld uses that quick brain of hers to remind him of his power and that he’s the one holding all the cards in this game.

Drummer arrives at Ceres station with the supplies that she raided from Marco. She came to help out the belters, but Avasarala sees an opportunity to team up and does her best to make that happen.

Holden and Naomi discover more about the ship disappearances and realize that travelling through the ring is a real threat to everyone in the system. He tries to warn Avasarala but she’s more interested in using his connection with Drummer to make her case for an Alliance.

I guess even in futuristic space, war takes precedent over the lives and safety of the general public. How quaint.

Josep is at the med bay trying to regrow his arm, but the baby arm seems to be a bad growth and the doctor says that his only option is a prosthetic which would require weeks of recovery.

This leads Michio and Josep to break up with Drummer because they cannot be a part of her fight and contribute appropriately. The polygamous group of five has now dropped to just one, possibly proving that it’s an extremely difficult concept to pull off.

Bobbie and Amos are sharing a drink and talking about the war at hand like two veterans at a bar with Amos questioning his place in it all. Bobbie convinces him that all he needs to focus on are the people by his side which ends up being enough. Not much of an identity crisis if that was all it took to change his mind.

Naomi meets with Drummer to put forth Avasarala’s suggestion and Drummer bites back at her for betraying her own people. She then defends her decisions and reminds Drummer of the reality of their situation which causes Drummer to show some real vulnerability for the first time in ages, and boy does she go all-in on the tears.

She finally decides to call out Avasarala at an open location in front of several witnesses so that they can settle the terms of the alliance. If government policies were actually set in front of the public like that, the world might be so much more different than it is.


  • Not much was explored on Laconia but once the Martians learn more about these regenerating dogs, things might change drastically.
  • The war is really heating up with Marco weaponizing the ring surface and the Inners teaming up with an influencial belter like Drummer.
  • Even though they have learned more about the dangers of travelling through the ring, unless something really catastrophic happens for all to see, the people in charge are not going to bother.
  • Filip is struggling with his identity, channeling his fathers energy to rally the troops one minute and then showing a softer more humble side to comfort his friend the next. He might be key to overthrowing Marco Inaros and his Free Navy.
  • Drummer has begrudgingly joined forces with the Inners, but she’s lost her family along the way. It will to be interesting to see how she copes with everything that is happening at the frontlines.

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