The Expanse season 6 episode 6 recap: Babylon’s Ashes

The situation in this episode of The Expanse has reached a boiling point with the many different factions and fleets converging near the ring station for one last showdown to decide who controls everything on this side of the universe.


This episode of The Expanse begins with Admiral Duarte ominously looking at a ship in the sky, true to the nature of any supervillain who knows that he has a pocket full of aces to play. Cara brings back her ‘revived’ brother to their parents but just like that the two scientists turn into your regular old god-fearing individuals who are terrified by something they do not recognize.

The inners and Drummer’s belters are forming their plan of attack when it comes time to engage Marco, with Holden coming up with a secret plan to nullify the threat of the ring station rail guns. Yet again, it gives Holden an opportunity to remind people why he’s the lead role in this series.

Rosenfeld welcomes Filip back onto the bridge to serve alongside his father. Honestly, she’s the only one on the Free Navy side with a steady head on her shoulders.

The crew of the Rocinante have a nice warm moment of sharing a meal together showing that they truly exist in a bubble in this universe filled with war.

The UNN fleet engages Marco’s ships but they realize that the Pella isn’t among them. Instead, Marco and the Pella have disguised themselves and end up facing Drummer’s team.

He catches them by surprise, causing heavy casualties. But the belters do not go quietly with Liang Walker sacrificing himself to land a telling blow. And with that blow, the logic of Rosenfeld is lost and Marco is left to his own impulsive devices.

The Roci crew make use of a smoke and mirrors technique to capture control of the rail guns but all doesn’t go according to plan with Bobbie ultimately destroying them. So much for that complicated plan.

They come up with a plan B of awakening the ring entities with a timed explosion and just like that, space Hitler meets his end. But not before he is betrayed by Duarte and gives the most rousing speech of his life that managed to give me chills.

With the war at an end, it comes down to the lacklustre process of figuring out who takes control of the ring. After running around in circles, the people in charge pick Holden as head of a non-partisan federation.

Holden, however, has other plans for this universe and appoints Drummer as his vice-president. He then immediately resigns, leaving a belter to hold some power over the inners, the right way.

Filip actually has some common sense awoken inside which is why he gets on an escape pod and manages to survive the massive Free Navy extinction event.


  • The Laconians are starting to look like a legitimate threat with unknown capabilities that the old government needs to watch out for.
  • With Drummer heading the trade federation and the end of Marco Inaros, it looks like there might be a period of peace in space. Atleast momentarily.
  • Filip has survived and adopted his mothers name and now he carries on his journey towards redemption.
  • The Rocinante crew is joined by Bobbie and are now setting on their own adventure, with no idea what is in store for them going forward.

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