The Crowded Room episode 8 recap & review: Reunion

In episode 8 of The Crowded Room, Rya helps Danny retrace his actions and experiences and how his alters came about, and the purposes they have served till now.


Detective Doyle meets Marlin and sneakily tells him that the bruise on his arm he claims a convict gave him seems to be a result of something else. Marlin is uncomfortable while Doyle leaves the bar, and later on calls Stan and tells him Marlin’s alibi for that Rockefeller shooting day is a lie.

Rya proceeds her sessions with Danny, helping him think back on how his alters came about. They start with Yitzak, who he claims surfaced mid-way through the beating he was receiving from Billy and other bullies.

Later, Rya and Stan have another argument over what course is better for Danny. Rya wants him to be given proper healthcare but all Stan can do is get him a five-year sentence, that too if they can prove Marlin has been abusive and was there the day the shooting took place.

Jerome visits Danny in prison and asks about Ariana. Danny tells him about his condition and how it was Ariana he used to meet and love, not him. Later, he opens up about Ariana to Rya, and they discuss what purpose she served, which is essentially to be vulnerable and be intimate with others.

Jerome visits Danny again and shares some words of wisdom regarding how to come to terms with all the different versions of himself. He also reminisces about how he first met Ariana. Later, Danny and Rya talk about going to London and how his alters have always surfaced to protect him.

Jerome visits Danny again, this time being his last, and gives him a good luck charm after revealing he’s been coming to see Ariana. Danny lets Ariana take over for a moment to bid her farewell to Jerome.

Stan learns that Marlin met Patricia, the DA, and told her falsehoods about Danny, saying he has a history of violence and that he was there on the day of the shooting.

Stan tells Rya that Angelo and Annabelle will testify to the behavior they saw Danny adopt. Now she must get Danny’s mother to testify and prove Danny’s MPD if she can.

The Crowded Room episode 8 ends with Jonny taking over and stealing a paper clip to escape, just in case.


  • The Crowded Room nears its end and finally makes it clear how Danny’s different alters came about and why they came about.
  • Although fleeting, the scenes with Jerome offer a warm and painfully emotional tug at the heart.
  • Holland continues to excel as an actor and delivers a solid performance comprising a myriad of personas and flairs.
The Crowded Room episode 8
The Crowded Room episode 8 recap & review: Reunion 1

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