The Crowded Room episode 7 recap & review: The Crowded Room

In episode 7 of The Crowded Room, Danny’s other alters resurface when he’s confronted by Rya about his condition, pushing him to withdraw deep into his psyche.


Rya meets Danny and shows him the footage of him that day at Rockefeller Center, flailing about and fighting ghosts. He can’t believe that there’s no one else there but only him, thinking that the footage must be doctored.

Rya says it’s not and that he was the shooter, not Ariana, adding that it has always been him. This visibly shakes him up and Yitzak immediately resurfaces, taking over the body and getting aggressive. He throws away the chair and pushes the table away, inching closer and closer to Rya with the intention to hurt. The guards take notice and get alerted.

Inside his psyche, Danny wakes up to an eclipsed sun near that dreaded barn. He walks in and to his shock and bewilderment, sees Jack, Jonny, Mike, and Yitzak inside it. While Yitzak seems to fighting someone invisible (he’s being aggressive to Rya in the real world), Jack, Jonny, and Mike are debating what to do.

Then the three alters are shocked to see Danny walk into the barn like that. Danny is soon shown to be sleeping, while in the real world, as the guards enter the room, Yitzak is convinced by other alters to step down while Jonny takes over.

He then gets into a fight with another inmate since he doesn’t pay up for the crayons that the inmate claims he ordered. This soon turns into a bigger brawl with other inmates as Yitzak resurfaces after Jonny takes a couple of hits.

Yitzak beats up the inmate before the guards show up and Jack takes the helm of the body from Yitzak. He’s then thrown into solitary confinement until the next day when his hearing takes place. At the meeting, the judge doesn’t really want to hear anything from Rya or his associate Stan, who thinks Danny’s case is a long shot at best.

At the meeting, there are others present, including a world-renowned psychologist and the DA. The expert discards the diagnosis, claiming nothing of the sort is acceptable in the medical world, and on that basis, thinks this should go to trial. The DA thinks so too, and when Stan tries to talk to her later, she refuses to entertain his arguments.

Inside the psychic space, in the barn, Yitzak proposes the idea that it might just be the time that Danny stands up on his own and that they all (the alters) leave him. Jonny is terrified of the idea since it means they’d have to die to do so.

Jack praises Yitzak’s sacrificial love for Danny before shooting him dead, following which Yitzak’s body disappears and ends up in the flooded part of the barn where all other previous alters have also ended up dead, thanks to Jack who at one point stopped thinking they were of any use.

Ariana comes and meets Danny, who wakes up and finds all the alters present there. They all tell him how they want to help him but Jack warns him that they won’t be able to do so if Rya keeps intervening. Jack tells him he needs to get rid of Rya and never plead insanity.

In the real world the next day, Rya meets Danny. She’s upset that she put her career on the line for him and he did what he did last day.

She gets up, wondering why she even signed up for this, and before she can leave, Danny pleads with her to help him, telling her he has voices in his head. Rya sits back down and reassures him, saying “I’m here,” before The Crowded Room episode 7 rolls the credits.


  • The Crowded Room is a solid episode where more alters and the machinations inside Danny’s damaged psyche are shown.
  • Tom Holland delivers another great performance as the varied personalities who differs so starkly in their mannerisms and idiosyncrasies.
  • There’s also the same painful reality of his condition brought about by the trauma, that always lingers in the back, making the experiment solemn.
The Crowded Room episode 7
The Crowded Room episode 7 recap & review: The Crowded Room 1

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