The Crowded Room episode 6 recap & review: Rya

In The Crowded Room episode 6, the show takes a turn to follow events from Rya’s perspective.


Rya has been interrogating Danny so far in the show but for the first time, it delves into detail the headspace she has been in all this time while also delving into how she came about to take on Danny’s case in the first place.

At the beginning of the episode, she’s shown to be a struggling professor at the University as well as a struggling mother to her son Ezra while going through a rough divorce.

She needs a new thesis to work on, a case that’s quite unique and will allow her the grant and tenure at the university. This will also help her get out of the financially unstable patch and ease things over at home. For now, her mother, who’s rather sour towards her too, looks after Ezra.

Thanks to Matty, the detective who she’s had a fling with previously, Rya learns about Danny’s case. While the detectives think that Danny’s either been a great actor doing funny voices to elude suspicion and charges, or he’s a psycho serial killer, Rya’s perspective is a bit different.

She’s intrigued by this case and meets Danny finally, and he turns out to be rather different from what has been shown of him to the viewers thus far. Instead of a quieter, reserved Danny, this one’s suave and slick. It’s revealed that he had multiple personalities that surface and this suave one goes by “Jack.”

At first, Rya is skeptical about taking on the case but at home, while watching an old movie, she comes across a character’s dialogue that she finds striking. She decides to take on the case and convinces the detectives and Danny’s lawyer that there are much more intricate issues at hand with his case.

She claims that they can try and claim not guilty by reasons of insanity at the trial, and the central mental condition cited would be dissociative identity disorder. It’s also shown how Rya goes and meets up with Candy, who seems oblivious to her son’s current state as well as the depth of what Marlin has done to him.

Rya begins her sessions with Danny and the two personalities he harbors within for sure are Jack and Johnny, but it’s evident that there are many more fractures in his psyche that have given birth to more personalities. Danny gradually begins to unravel more and more details about his traumatic past.

After he confides in her the traumatic memory of Marlin sexually abusing Adam, it gets to Rya, who breaks down in her car. It then motivates her to be closer to her mother and son Ezra, who she goes and hugs with all the warmth she can conjure.


  • Heartbreaking and informative, The Crowded Room episode 6 offers a fresh perspective and structure to the narrative, delving more into Rya’s life and her approach to the case.
  • Danny’s personality and the splinters in his mind are all fleshed out rather strikingly, thanks in large part to Tom Holland’s performance.
  • Talking about performance, it’d be unfair to skim past Amanda Seyfried, who delivers a strong display of her acting prowess.
The Crowded Room episode 6
The Crowded Room episode 6 recap & review: Rya 1

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