Succession season 4 episode 4 recap & review: Honeymoon States

In Succession season 4 episode 4, the Roy family and the board members discuss what happens after a sensational piece of paper is found inside Logan’s vault.


Amid grieving, Shiv learns that she’s pregnant. Kendall and Roman are in debilitating conditions as well and the latter claims to have pre-grieved, cracking all his fidgety jokes as per usual.

At the wake, there’s a whole circus going on, which only becomes more intense when Frank finds a piece of paper inside Logan’s vault upon which he’s stated Kendall as the next CEO. Frank, Gerri, and other old dogs of the board, as well as Roman and Shiv, all find the paper to be not that legitimate or significant.

However, Kendall is shocked and has an emotional whiplash. As he starts fidgeting around, trying to take the helm, his relationship with Shiv sours. He eventually manages to talk to her and Roman and the brothers decide to lead as co-CEOs. Shiv is hurt but the brothers claim to have her be the part of every little to big decision as step going forward.

Earlier in the episode, Hugo asks Kendall for a favor regarding an insider trading mess that his daughter has created. Meanwhile, Marcia is there and strikes a deal with Connor to sell the apartment to him for $63 million. Kerry comes crying and panicking, and ends up informing Roman that she and Logan were going to get married.

Hugo and Karolina pitch a PR move that entails painting Logan in a very bad light and embolden the siblings’ images. Roman rejectes to “sh*t on dad” but later on, Kendall meets Hugo in private and using his daughter problem as a leverage, orders him to go ahead with the PR strategy, as Succession season 4 episode 4 rolls the credits.


  • Succession delivers a rich episode in Honeymoon States as all the various characters around Logan come buzzing in at the wake, trying to get a scoop in for themselves.
  • Shiv’s arc is at a very tumultuous turn, and with the pregnancy and the sibling sidelining, not to mention the emotional ire that Logan’s death has inflicted on her, she is ready to play an integral role in whatever chaos hits the Roys and those around them.
  • Kendall’s objective seems to be undoing his father as a grand revenge for all he endured of him growing up, which makes things truly exciting, given the deals and the political maneuvering that lies ahead.
Succession season 4 episode 4
Succession season 4 episode 4 recap & review: Honeymoon States 1

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