Succession season 4 episode 3 recap & review: Connor’s Wedding

Succession season 4 episode 3 follows the sibling trio attending Connor’s wedding, only to hear the most heartbreaking news of their lives.


It’s Connor and Willa’s wedding, and Logan is headed to Sweden with Tom and others to negotiate with Matsson. Informing Roman of the same, he also asks him to deliver Gerri the news that she’s getting fired for the fiasco that the cruises scandal caused.

Roman forwards the news to Gerri, and it’s difficult for both of them. Shortly thereafter, Roman and Kendall learn from Tom that Logan has collapsed in the airplane, and the medical staff on board are doing their best with the chest compressions.

Shattered and lost for words, the two brothers try their best to say their last words to Logan, not knowing if they’re reaching their father as Tom holds the phone near his ears, all while chest compressions continue.

Soon, they tell Shiv about it who has a similarly shattering response, as the people aboard the flight confirm that Logan is dead.

Not too long after that, Connor is informed and amid the shock and grieving, and the mounting fears regarding the media closing in on the death and the market response, the siblings and other executives come up with a statement for the press.

Connor and Willa go through with their wedding in a smaller ceremony as she assuages his doubts and fears that she’ll leave him, telling him that she isn’t going to, atleast not “today.”

Meanwhile, the other siblings head off to Teterboro Airport to receive Logan’s body. Shiv and Roman board the flight to see their father before the body is escorted out, as Kendall looks on from a distance, before Succession season 4 episode 3 rolls the credits.


  • Succession season 4 delivers its third episode with quite a bit of a shocker, as it subverts the expectations one would have from the cringe and hilarity that Connor’s wedding was supposed to inspire.
  • What the audience gets, is the show’s central character’s departure that feels both subtle as well as shocking.
  • The siblings’ response to the news is heartbreaking and their stuttering and mumbling selves do a good job conveying the whiplash of emotions they are simply unable to contend with.
  • However, it does get a bit annoying after a point, as these unloved and abused children are still predators of the highest orders and sympathizing with them can only be limited affair.
Succession season 4 episode 3
Succession season 4 episode 3 recap & review: Connor's Wedding 1

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