Succession season 4 episode 10 recap, review, and ending explained

Succession season 4 episode 10 marks the finale of the drama series in an installment that sees the Roy siblings come together and then fall apart like always, only this time the stakes are far higher than they’ve ever been before.


Kendall gets working on securing enough votes on the table to tank the GoJo deal. Meanwhile, Shiv takes off to Caroline’s in Barbados, where Roman is recovering from his injuries.

Kendall takes off too and there, the siblings clash at first and Shiv asks Kendall to suck it up, declaring her victory which she believes is in her bag. Meanwhile, Matsson meets Tom and interviews him regarding his capabilities, shortly offering him the CEO position and ditching Shiv.

Greg learns about it and reveals it to Kendall, who then tells Shiv and Roman, and later the siblings come to terms with backing each other. Shiv and Roman decide to give the CEO position to Kendall after the latter persuades them a lot.

The three form a voting bloc and four other supporting members would help them tank the deal but at the last second, Shiv grows cold feet about tipping the 6-6 vote count to a 6-7 and let Kendall be on the throne. When he expresses disappointment, shock, and anger, she says she deems him incompetent.

Despite much protests, she votes in favor of the deal and as a consequence, Tom is made the CEO under Matsson’s new reign. Roman accepts he and his siblings are nothing and couldn’t have run anything, while Kendall is lost once again, almost seeming to contemplate death.

Succession season 4 ending explained in detail:

What happens to the GoJo deal?

Roman and Kendall conspire to take down the deal with Matsson after the latter proves too grating on their nerves and Kendall flaps his wings for the throne again.

They plan on tanking the GoJo deal for which they’d need enough votes from the board of directors. They do a lot of corporate and political maneuvering, even drastically affecting an election, but everything comes to rest on a hinge named Shiv at last.

Meanwhile, Matsson plays chess brilliantly as well, with his best move being the coalition with Shiv, who works as his inside agent and finally gets him closest to winning the deal. Despite him backstabbing her and replacing her as the CEO with Tom, she can’t go through with Kendall becoming the CEO, voting against taking down the deal.

The deal goes through and Matsson reigns supreme, with the siblings all ending up in terrible positions.

Who becomes Waystar’s new CEO?

It’s none other than Tom who gets to be the new CEO of Waystar. Matsson seems to be going with Shiv as the new American CEO under his command at first but later changes his mind about that.

He interviews Tom about his skills regarding this new position and if he’d be able to lead as the new CEO, but it’s just a test to see whether he’d make for the ideal puppet or not. Matsson describes his hangups regarding Shiv being the CEO since she’s “pushy” and so he’d not be able to puppeteer her like he can with Tom.

He conceals this fact with a vulgar and perverted explanation, which is basically he wants to have sex with Shiv and thinks she wants the same, and with her being the CEO that would be difficult. Meanwhile, Tom isn’t as concerned about these filthy words and goals as he’s about the new career opportunities he’s being given.

He delivers the perfect woof-woofs to Matsson, taking on the new role as the Waystar CEO with confidence and later, asking Shiv’s hand on his hand, in a moment that signifies that the dynamic between the two might just have shifted to the opposite way.


  • Succession season 4 finale is a great sendoff to the main characters who are all very unserious people, and while Kendall continues to kick and scream to serve the only purpose of his life he was mistakenly burdened with by Logan, the other two siblings recognize none of them can have it.
  • Shiv is stuck as the one under a new man in power now, and Tom basically doesn’t care all that much about what happens to his dynamic with Shiv it seems, beyond their child and their care and upbringing at the very least. He chose to be the CEO even after hearing the filth about his wife coming from Matssson, and Shiv is very much defeated like brother Kendall too.
  • Tom seems to be the one, interestingly, to have a new perspective that seems so uncharacteristic of him, which is that none of the siblings deserve succession, none of them have it, and none of them are serious people.
  • Tom’s climb to the CEO position seems subversive and yet not so much, and yet despite Matsson’s creepy puppeteering and perversions from the shadows, he seems to be flourishing and thriving, taking Greg for the ride per usual as well.

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