Succession season 4 episode 1 recap & review: The Munsters

Succession season 4 kicks off with the Roy siblings deciding to secure a win against their father in an acquisition deal that’s a bit personal for Logan.


Logan Roy is being a miser at his birthday party and even though he’s about to be done with the Waystar buyout by GoJo, he’s feeling the absence of his “rats” — Kendall, Shiv, and Roman.

Meanwhile, the three musketeers are busy with their new media venture, which they call “The Hundred”, which Roman explains would be like a mixture of several giant media publication giants.

When they learn that Logan is trying to acquire Pierce, the siblings minus Roman are instantly distracted from the “great” idea that The Hundred is. They now wish to sabotage Logan’s deal and outbid him.

Confirming with their financial advisor, they head off to meet Nan Pierce to strike a deal. Meanwhile, Logan learns that his rival bidders are none other than his children. And so a tug of war begins where both parties offer their bids but the siblings make a final offer that seals the deal, at $10 billion, several billion above Logan’s ceiling.

While Shiv and Kendall rejoice, Roman smiles through the reservations he has regarding this entire spiel taking on Logan, who’s bound to hit back. Succession season 4 premier ends with Shiv and Tom meeting each other and deciding to split up; Tom tries to have a talk but Shiv refuses, as always, to be vulnerable.


  • Succession season 4 kicks off with a true delight, as all the diabolical billionaires that viewers can’t get enough of return and instantly start itching to gnaw at each other.
  • It’s kind of a first for the show as the premier itself has the patriarch Logan losing a round to his rats. However, it won’t be long before he hits back and hits it strong.
  • That said, his rhetorical questions about the afterlife seem like this is the final leg of all things in focus here, and he seems to be finally slowing down.
  • While Roman is definitely funny every now and then in his endless verbiage, Tom and Greg are truly the giants that make this show a comedic delight.
Succession season 4
Succession season 4 episode 1 recap & review: The Munsters 1

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