Spy x Family season 2 episode 7 recap & review

In the seventh episode of Spy x Family season 2, Yor faces Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby, while Anya does her best to keep Loid busy. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Yor and Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby’s battle becomes a spectacle, with people gathering and wondering if it’s a real fight. Yor realizes she is dragging her feet, and Barnaby is too skilled with his weapon.

Yor also fears that she is causing a commotion. At a time like this, Anya comes to the rescue. She calls their fight a circus performance and convinces everyone that this is part of the entertainment.

Yor assumes that Anya hasn’t recognized her, as she has worn a mask. On the other hand, Barnaby is distracted by the crowd’s presence. Yor grabs the chance and takes Barnaby down without having to kill him.

Anya quickly gets back to her father after the fight. Loid has decided to buy various things to show that he is enjoying his holiday. However, Anya calls his new look uncool. Loid later takes a tired Anya to sleep.

The assassins are betting that Olka and her son have shifted to either second class or third class. They will come out of hiding once they have to hop on the other ship.

Olka, her son, and the man pretending to be her husband, Zeb, are brought to their room. Zeb is more scared than anyone. However, he is not leaving them behind because the Gretcher family saved him from dying of hunger.

Yor will now be watching Olka, her son, and Zeb as they sleep and rest in their room. The Director will be guarding the hallway and possibly taking out other assassins on board.

Yor misses Anya and Loid and remembers how she was dragging her feet during her fight with Barnaby. If she had gotten hurt badly, she would have no excuse to give to Loid and Anya. She fears that she won’t be able to live with them anymore.

Meanwhile, Loid assesses that he has grown overconfident after failing to keep Anya happy. There is a lot he needs to learn. The next day, he plans to observe, discern, and adapt.

Anya, on her side, plans to meet and help her mother. She does her best to distract Loid in one activity or the other. Loid is so skilled that he is good at everything.

Anya carries a disappointed face after failing to keep Loid busy. It makes Loid wonder what he has done wrong. Anya realizes that she is troubling her father and expresses that she is just missing Yor.

Loid promises to ask for Yor for tomorrow. Also, the deck will have a fireworks show at night. They might spot her there. The ship for Olka and her son is ready. Olka, her son, and Zeb follow Yor.

The assassins have been informed about an unidentified encrypted communication, which was between Yor and the Director. The assassins start taking their stage-three positions and wait for Olka and her son’s appearance.


  • One can easily predict that Barnaby and Yor’s battle will be taken as a spectacle. Despite looking like a tough opponent, he was defeated quickly. The show makes up for this short battle in the second half of the episode.
  • Both Yor and Loid’s conversations with their inner selves are thoughtful. Their attempts at keeping their individual goals secret are taken in humor for the most part, but in this episode, these conversations have a touching tone.
  • Lastly, one can’t help but feel bad for Loid, who has been going above and beyond to make Anya happy. It’s always sweet to see Anya understand both her mother’s and father’s struggles and be there for them.
Spy x Family season 2 episode 7
Spy x Family season 2 episode 7 recap & review 1

Director: Shōgo Ono

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