Shelter season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Candy’s Room

Episode 6 of Harlan Coben’s Shelter finally unravels the mystery of Dylan Shakes, and Mickey learns more about what his father did for a living. The episode is streaming on Prime Video.


Mickey gets back home in the morning after spending most of the night staking out the club where Octoface went. Hannah spent the night with Shira and she does her best to hide it from Mickey.

Mickey asks Shira if they can exhume Brad’s body because he wants closure about his father’s death. Hannah gets back home to find Ken waiting for her. He apologizes for not being present and asks for a second chance to make it up to her.

Mickey, Spoon, and Ema discuss whether the person who kidnapped Dylan might be at his memorial later. Ema meets Whitney in class but gets the cold shoulder. Buck gets on the intercom and announces that Ema’s mother is Angelica Wyatt to everyone in school.

Mickey rushes to Ema’s class, while Spoon goes to where the intercom is and punches Buck in the face. Shira asks Hannah for help getting Brad’s body exhumed and says that she has her doubts about Brad’s death herself.

Ema goes no contact and Mickey and Spoon have to attend the memorial on their own. Whitney tries to apologize to Ema by saying that she was blackmailed by Buck but Ema tells her not to show her face ever again.

Shira tells Mickey that it was she who forced Brad into Bat Lady’s house all those years ago and when he got out, he was unusually calm. Ken approaches Shira at the memorial and tells her that Hannah has asked for a divorce.

Mickey notices Dr. Kent in the back, while Mrs. Friedman sees Billy Shakes, Dylan’s father, in the back. After the memorial, Mickey talks to Dr. Kent while Mrs. Friedman talks to Billy.

They both learn that on the day that Dylan disappeared, Billy did something truly horrible to the boy. Mickey sees the scarred paramedic and runs after him before losing track of him.

He goes back into the church and finds the sunglasses man who’s always around Lizzie. Mickey reveals that he figured the man was Dylan, and the reason he wears sunglasses is because Billy stubbed a cigarette in his eye.

Dylan then runs to Lizzie who helps him disappear and he grows up helping other children like him alongside Brad for Abeona. Dylan tells Mickey that he can do the same thing his father was doing by saving Ashley.

Shira talks to Hannah about a possible future together. Spoon gives Ema some comfort after she is betrayed by Whitney. Mickey goes back to the club where Octoface was with a fake ID.

Another waitress notices that Mickey is looking for Ashley and pulls him to safety while the bouncers search for him. She introduces herself as Candy and says that Ashley is in the dungeon behind the club and that she’s already been sold.

She admits that Ashley was saved once before Abeona but her bosses found out that Candy and Ashley were close so they set up a trap to get her back.

Mickey goes to save Ashley but runs into Buddy who runs the club. He also meets a woman named Kylie who says that she’ll take care of him once and for all. When everyone else is gone, she says that she’s part of Abeona and is undercover.

She asks Mickey if Brad is still alive and he says that he’s dead. She then reveals that she is lying and hands him back to the men outside.

Mrs. Friedman visits Lizzie who tells her the truth about what happened to Dylan. She finally gets to meet Dylan all grown up and the two of them share a warm moment.

Mickey is taken to a beach where they were going to shoot him but Mickey manages to escape and rushes into the water.


  • This episode is quite a significant one from a narrative perspective as some major reveals are made. Mrs. Friedman’s meeting with Dylan after all these years is certainly quite an emotional moment.
Harlan Coben's Shelter season 1 episode 6
Shelter season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Candy's Room 1

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