She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Is This Not Real Magic?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+ chronicles the life of Jennifer Walters. A lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner, she transforms into a gigantic green superhero herself after Bruce’s blood comes into contact with her.


A man named Donny Blaze is performing cheap magic tricks in front of a very disinterested crowd. He asks for a volunteer and this drunk valley girl named Madisynn walks up. He gives her some roses that he conjures from nothing but the crowd doesn’t bite.

His assistant, Cornelius, insists that he perform a specific trick and Donny begrudgingly listens. He takes out a sling ring from his pocket and opens up an inter-dimensional portal, sending Madisynn through it.

She reappears at Kamar-Taj in Wong’s quarters as he’s watching the Sopranos. After a little questioning, he concludes that this is all the fault of Donny Blaze and he offers to send Madisynn home after she spoils the episode he’s watching.

Jen is getting ready to go to work when her father walks in to beef up the security at her house because of the attack she encountered. She tells him not to worry because she’s a hulk.

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At work, Jen sets up a dating profile for herself and crosses it off her lengthy to-do list. She and Nikki watch her interview on the news when they’re interrupted by Wong who portals in.

He tells Jen that he needs her help sending a message to a lowly magician who’s using the mystical arts to perform cheap parlour tricks. Jen agrees to help him in the case.

Jen and Nikki catch up at a bar as Jen attends to some work but Nikki wants to focus on Jen’s online dating profile and she gives Jen some pointers.

Jen and Wong visit Donny’s office to hand him a cease and desist letter stating that he stop performing mystical magic because he’s irresponsible and a danger to society but Donny says that they cannot just stop him from doing magic.

Jen goes on a date that is extremely dull and ends with her covering the bill while the guy just brushes her off.

Wong and Jen meet Donny Blaze in court to argue their cases and the judge asks Jen if they have any witnesses to confirm Donny’s irresponsibility and despite not wanting to, Wong portals Madisynn into the courtroom.

Madisynn gives an incoherent statement that doesn’t necessarily help their case and the judge tells everyone that she will make her judgement in a few weeks. Jen asks the judge to order Donny not to use magic until the verdict but the request is denied.

Jen is fed up with not getting any matches on her profile so she makes another one as She-Hulk and immediately gets multiple matches. Cue a montage of the different dates that she goes on, each weirder and more uncomfortable than the last.

Finally, she meets a hot pediatric oncologist and they hit it off. During another one of Donny’s performances, the volunteer refuses to go into the inter-dimensional portal so Donny conjures up a bird that lays an egg in the volunteer’s hands.

The eggs hatches and a tiny demon creature emerges wreaking havoc. Donny tries sending it back through a portal but something goes wrong and several demon creatures come out of the portal, forcing Donny to go to Wong for help.

Wong tries contacting Jen on the phone but she’s too busy with her date so he portals to her house and asks for her help in person. Jen and Wong fight off a horde of demon creatures that gradually get bigger but they succeed in sending them back.

Jen uses this opportunity to once again give Donny Blaze to accept the conditions of their cease and desist and he reluctantly agrees. Jen is sent back to her home where the hot doctor is still waiting and the two of them spend the night together.

The next morning, the doctor sees Jen in her human form and is slightly weirded out by it. This hurts Jen’s feelings and she tries to brush it off. Her doorbell rings and she’s met with a summons officer who serves her notice that she’s being sued for copyright infringement.

Titania, the super-powered influencer is suing Jen for the usage of the name She-Hulk, a name that Titania has now registered. Jen laments the situation she finds herself in.

In the post-credits scene, Wong and Madisynn are chilling together like two besties, discussing their choice of alcoholic drinks and just generally having a nice time.


  • The highlight of this episode is any interaction between Madisynn and Wong, who she affectionately refers to as “Wongers”. No one could expect that a drunk valley girl and the Sorcerer Supreme would make a brilliant comedic duo.
  • The commitment to the notion that this series is a legal procedural is admirable. While there are over-the-top elements expected of a superhero show, it is balanced out by what takes place in the courtroom and Jen genuinely tries to set precedent on never before seen cases.
  • The CGI is 50-50 at this point. While certain scenes look fine, especially most of the action shots, everyday scenes involving She-Hulk at work or on dates appear slightly subpar in quality.
  • The special treatment that Jen gets as She-Hulk when compared to the indifferent treatment her regular form faces is a great bit of character focus on how the public treats a person based on different circumstances.
She-Hulk season 1 episode 4
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Is This Not Real Magic? 1

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