Rick and Morty season 6 episode 8 recap & review: Analyze Piss

Rick and Morty season 6 sees the titular duo take on the classic 90s-style tropey villains while Rick makes an effort to seek therapy for the first time.


Rick and Morty entertain battles with some 90s-themed villains that are getting on the former’s nerves. He’s had enough of them but eventually, on his therapist’s word, he decides to be indifferent to all the duel-invitations and shenanigans of other villains and ignore them.

Surprisingly, that works out great for him and every other goofy challenger kind of doesn’t pose a bother for Rick anymore.

However, a new villain named “Pissmaster” arrives outside their house and starts smearing the glass windows with his urine, trying to stir things up with his antics, even briefly sexualising Summer at one point.

While Rick is in his zen mode, Jerry can’t take more of this guy, eventually deciding to step outside and take him on. Jerry puts up an uncharacteristically brave fight and ends the brawl with victory.

The video of his fight and victory over Pissmaster goes viral. Subsequently, a justice-serving council of aliens approach Jerry and awards him with a seat and membership of their Orbship, giving him a powerful orb.

Jerry embarks on adventures and missions to rid the universe of evil and quickly gains a formidable reputation all over.

Meanwhile, Rick visits the therapist, talking about how Jerry is receiving all the recognition and praise for what he did, but the therapist makes him realise that he must let go of the will to react to everything.

Rick does just that it works wonders but eventually, he gets tired of it, heading out to see Pissmaster at his home. He finds that the guy has committed suicide, and Rick’s efforts at reviving him don’t succeed.

Shortly after that, Pissmaster’s daughter knocks on the door, asking her father to no do anything drastic while also regretting denouncing him on her podcast, coupled with everyone else cheering his downfall.

Rick feels bad and after reassuring her by impersonating Pissmaster, he begins working towards cleaning his image in society again, donning his suit and saving a ton of people, eventually saving a lot of orphans by staging a sacrifice.

However, during the process, Jerry and then the rest of the family learn that it’s Rick under the suit. He can’t tell them why he’s done what he’s done, telling them that he’s been the Pissmaster all this time.

The family is actually impressed by Rick’s great gesture towards Jerry, while the latter gets stripped of his Orbship. However, Rick and Morty ‘Analyze Piss’ ends with Rick failing to withhold the secret of Pissmaster’s suicide — triggered by Jerry — from the family.


  • ‘Rick and Morty’ sticks to the different route that the current season has taken, in terms of focusing more on sincere storylines than the usual meta affair (although recent episodes have delved into that in high doses).
  • In another story focusing more on the family dynamic and character development, ‘Analyze Piss’ is a great episode where Jerry gets to have a spotlight he’s been deservedly revelling in more and more of late.
  • Rick’s therapy sessions entertain a different note as well, with the titular cynic and stubborn scientist actually taking in some productive advice for once.
  • However, the episode does remind the viewers that character development doesn’t mean instant growth when Rick does mess up his heroic withholding of the secret from the family.
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 8
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 8 recap & review: Analyze Piss 1

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