Rick and Morty season 6 episode 6 recap & review: JuRicksic Mort

In Rick and Morty season 6 episode 6, Dinosaurs — the original rulers of Earth — return and make sweeping changes to society, rubbing Rick the wrong way with their dino virtue signalling.


Episode 6 of Rick and Morty season 6 opens with the titular duo heading off to the school in a car as the portal gun is still not repaired.

At school, Morty frightens everyone with his arrival since it increases the likelihood of some world-ending event befalling them.

Something akin to that does happen and a spaceship lands in Egypt. Out comes the spaceship, a highly advanced species of Dinosaurs.

They’ve returned and are surprised at the sight of bald monkeys (humans) and the absence of their Dino brethren. However, these Dinos are unlike the feral organic mechas of Jurassic Park, they’re incredibly sentient and advanced beings.

The Dinosaurs take over and tell the humans to just kick back and relax since their whole society spiel has not worked out very well. The humans do give up control and a communist utopia is created.

Initially, the humans enjoy this vacation from capitalism but soon they start dreading this flawless utopia (pushing fiction to its limits like this tests the suspension of disbelief).

Rick is rubbed the wrong way by the dinosaurs’ virtue signalling and their advanced tech which he claims doesn’t succeed his tech but only rivals it.

Rick and Morty embark on a search for the different planets the dinos have lived and eventually gone extinct on. Rick finally figures it out.

During an Apple event-esque address by the Dinos, Rick intervenes and reveals to them and the humans a shocking fact. He reveals that a devolved branch of species, which has rendered into spiteful rocks keeps exacting revenge on the Dinos.

So wherever they go, the meteors eventually come crashing down too, eviscerating the planet of all life.

And the cycle continues with every planet the dinos visit, and they also don’t really perform any anti-rock ballistic action since they’re peaceful and non-violent.

They are shocked and saddened to learn about this and leave Earth, the planet cleanses itself of all the progress and reverts back to the capitalist sewage it once was.

Dinos, meanwhile, head to Mars where rock is fastly approaching them with its non-sentient spiteful gibberish.

This virtue signalling and high-roading irk Rick again and he heads off to Mars and pretends to commit sacrifice alongside them as well.

The jig is up and the Dinos easily eviscerate the rock, handing Rick a win before pissing him off again by repairing the rift that had opened in space at the start of Rick and Morty season 6.


  • Rick and Morty teases itself switching back into its usual routine of characteristic wackadoo adventures.
  • The portal gun has finally been repaired by Rick and as he loudly makes it evident, the brief span of comparatively sincere episodes has also come to an end.
  • This means that Rick and Morty will be returning to the hyperdrive of screaming self-aware winks and meta-breaking hijinks like before.
  • Talking about episode 6, the whole affair comes out a bit out of touch with its cuts-to-references and the usual anarchical/pessimistic notions.
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 6
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 6 recap & review: JuRicksic Mort 1

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