Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Performance Review

In season 2 episode 6 of Only Murders in the Building, the trio attempts to capture Bunny’s murderer by baiting them. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Poppy, the assistant of Cinda Canning, brings Jimmy Russo for an interview, who claims to be a former victim of Mabel’s violence. Cinda is responsible for the rival podcast called ‘Only Murderers in the Building’.

Jan somehow convinces Charles that they never broke up, despite her attempts to kill him, and he is unable to break the truth to her.

Oliver has opted for a DNA test to check if he’s Greek after the revelation of the last episode that put his son’s parentage in doubt.

The trio has their hands on a matchbook with fingerprints that could potentially prove their innocence. Remembering that officer Williams had messaged them on the night of the murder, they text her back.

Detective Kreps calls them and Cinda Canning to Bunny’s apartment, urging them to stop podcasting as it has led to citizens calling them and giving needless anonymous tips.

Cinda proclaims that she has an important lead; Jimmy Russo. Mabel is shocked at this and calls him a liar. She tries to convince Poppy that this is a mistake and she deserves better for being such an important part of the podcast.

‘Detective Williams’ is giving suspicious replies to the three. They ask her where to meet to hand over the evidence and get a reply to hide it in Morningside Park, confirming their suspicion that they have been texting the killer.

They do exactly as asked, but instead of the evidence, they plant a glitter bomb as bait to capture the murderer.

Poppy asks for a performance review and promotion because she believes her efforts have led to the podcast’s success. Cinda seems to agree to look over it later.

Oliver, Charles and Mabel wait near the bomb, hiding inside a car. Charles reveals that he is still dating Jan, hurting Mabel as she killed her friend.

Distracted by the conversation, they miss the killer getting caught in the glitter explosion in the background. When they notice, it’s too late, and the person manages to escape.

Cinda tells Poppy that she only agreed because she asked in front of a co-worker and made it awkward. Telling her she’s too good at being an assistant, Cinda hints Poppy will never get a promotion.

Mabel, still hurt, returns to her house but finds Alice recreating the murders of Tim Kono and Bunny. Before she can explain the situation, Mabel leaves, further hurt by the betrayal.

Poppy calls Mabel and warns her that Cinda is a contriving person and will stop at nothing. She offers her help to the three.

However, Mabel, who is in the Subway, notices the glitter-ridden killer staring at her and cannot respond.

Oliver gets a video from Will which shows Mabel stabbing the killer and running away but social media makes it look as if she stabbed someone again, unaware of the truth.


  • Mabel really has her back to the corner with everything going against her. How she bounces back from this will be intriguing.
  • A number of plot points are progressed well. Charles’ questionable relationship with Jan, tracking down the killer as well as Alice’s allegiance.
  • Lucy’s return shows she will be an integral part of the narrative and not just a one-off character, which is a positive because she is likeable and adds to the dynamic.
  • The episode is engaging, fast-paced and intriguing. It also sets up the next one nicely with the cliffhanger.

Rating: 4/5

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