Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Part IV

The fourth episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi revolves around the rescue efforts of Ben and Tala to get Leia safely out of Fortress Inquisitorius and from the hands of Reva. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Ben wakes up inside a bacta tank where he was placed to recover from his burns. He was brought to the planet Jabiim where a group of people have set up a network to save Force-sensitive people within the Galaxy.

Leia is being interrogated by Reva who wants to know the location of this network, referred to as ‘The Path’. Reva tells Leia that Ben is dead so all her hopes of rescue are dead.

Tala and Ben meet with Roken, who set up the outpost. He’s reluctant to help but gives in and gives them information on Leia’s location. She is situated within the Fortress Inquisitorius, the base of operations of the Inquisitors on a water moon in the Mustafar system.

Roken believes it to be a suicide mission to go there but Ben says he’s willing to take the risk and Tala claims that her officer clearance should be helpful.

Reva continues to interrogate Leia but to no avail. The young princess possesses a resilient mind that does not break easily.

After an initial hiccup, Tala gets through the facility and helps Ben sneak in. Ben explores the facility in search of Leia but he finds something even more disturbing.

He enters a room where people have been kept in suspension, presumably Force-sensitive individuals. He tells Tala that the facility also serves as a tomb for all these people.

Reva tries to use the force to get the information out of Leia’s head but she resists. The Inquisitor has no choice but to strap her in and get it out through more painful means.

Ben reaches close by and asks Tala to create a diversion. Tala rushes to the room where Reva is and pulls her out at the right moment. She claims to know the true location of The Path and tells Reva that she was a spy for the Empire gathering information.

Ben succeeds in rescuing Leia by then but as they’re making their way out they are spotted by a seeker droid that sounds the alarm. Tala manages to escape her captors and heads out to meet them halfway.

They converge and almost make their way out of the platform when Reva arrives with a platoon of Stormtroopers. Just as it looks like our Reva will finally complete her mission, a pair of A-Wings arrive and provide support for the escape.

Ben, Leia and Tala get on one and manage to get away but the other pilot is not so lucky. Reva flings a bomb at it and blows it out of the sky.

Vader is in a bad mood and takes it out on Reva for letting Kenobi escape. She says that she willingly let them go because she planted a tracker that will reveal their location along with that of ‘The Path’.

Leia and Obi-Wan sit in silence and contemplate the fact that they are safe for now, but as the camera pans down to Lola, Leia’s droid, the location of Reva’s tracker is revealed.


  • Vivien Lyra Blair continues to showcase acting chops far beyond her years and will come out of this series with a spectacular reputation. Her tenacity in this role is clear for all to see.
  • The gradual growth in confidence and constant struggle going on in Obi-Wan’s head is wonderful to watch. Seeing him come to grips with his past and trying to overcome it for the sake of Leia is artful storytelling.
  • The trademark orchestral soundtrack is a marvel to listen to. The iconic main theme playing in the background as Obi-Wan swings his lightsaber around like in the old days brings chills to the viewer.

Rating: 3.5/5

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